An open letter and an EP from Thousand Thoughts.

Being trapped within four walls, for months on end, has been far from easy; it’s the fear of the disease, the internal panic, that puts you into survival mode – and adjusting to the new “normal” takes its toll on you.

We’d just held auditions for a new member, but we only managed one rehearsal, with new guitarist Tom Caine before we truly realised the situation, death tolls rising, and a country changed. I started shielding to protect my Mum a few weeks before we really saw the impact of what was to come. As the country went into lockdown, no one knew what to expect or even how long these measures would be in place. Realistically we knew this was a make or break scenario for our band, like many others.

We decided to take the opportunity to develop, recording ourselves playing out set list. But from home. It was a way of us continually generating content and thus the “Live-solation” series was born.

To get to know Tom further we’d been brainstorming away, we felt it would be a fitting idea to start working and writing a few new tracks. I hadn’t experienced writing with Tom yet so it felt like the perfect idea to test the waters. The concept originally started as a project, something that would keep us occupied and motivated. There was a spark though, this couldn’t be ignored. Tom officially became part of Thousand Thoughts and the EP was now our main drive and took focus and priority from all of us.

With nothing going on around us and being trapped in our houses, I lost my inspiration. Time passed by quickly and the songs were sat gathering dust and we had no further ideas to expand on what they were at that point. I got into a really dark place and I’m finally finding the space to breathe. There were thoughts shared, sleepless nights, and days of frustration.

Now, we have created something that all of us are immensely proud of, and feel is an important body of work for us. It’s a raw capture of a frightening, traumatic moment in time that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

To anybody who has lost, grieved, struggled or helped to get us all through this pandemic – this one’s for you.

Take a listen to the EP here.

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