‘Enigma’ by Ritual will be released Friday 6th May 2022
“Enigma is the sound of a band finding their range to telling effect”– Malcolm Dome

What is an Enigma? Many artists label themselves as enigmatic but what Ritual have produced here is something so special and mysterious that they have attracted the attention of some of the biggest names in modern progressive music.

Formed in early 2017, Ritual are an independent four piece Hard Rock / Metal band from Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. The Funk infused rockers are influenced by a diverse range of artists and musical styles, which blends into a unique mix of anthemic metal. The band describe themselves as wanting to write “heavy songs with a strong melodic sensibility.”

We last heard from Ritual with their 2019 release ‘Operation Copacabana and the Punch-Drunk Blues’. ‘Enigma’ continues the narrative from the previous EP which reimagined and extrapolated on the song by Barry Manilow. In a very loose way, Enigma continues this story by following the antagonist’s trial, execution and descent to hell following a murderous crime of passion.

Enigma was written by Ritual and began life prior to the pandemic. As a result of the national lockdowns and the imposing restrictions, the band were unable to release it in the manner that was originally intended. Instead, the decision was made to spend the time refining what they already had and the band decided to embellish the songs with guest appearances. ”We thought about what we felt the songs were missing and identified people who we’d ideally like to perform the parts.” After tracking guide versions themselves, the band approached each of the guests directly. They understood what was wanted and nailed each role as you’d expect.

Enigma features the mercurial talents of the iconic Anneke van Giersbergen, dramatic soprano Dianne van Giersbergen, black jazz guru Jørgen Munkeby, jazz harpist Amanda Whiting as well as prog maestro, Devin Townsend. Franco, the singer of the band has said “We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished with this project and delighted to finally share what we’ve created.”

1. As Above, So Below
2. Seven Gates
3. Murderous Operandi
4. Pandemonium
5. Walk Of Shame

‘Enigma’ was recorded and mixed by Matty Moon at Half-Ton Studios & Motherlode Studios – Cambridge – UK. Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering – California – USA.

Enigma EP artwork was created by James Marinos and Jack Cowley, the typeface by Fabienne Plangger. The artwork aims to recreate the symmetric qualities of a psychoanalytic ink blotch test. The original ‘Butterfly’ image was painted by James, the bassist of Ritual and this was then taken on by good friend of the band and artist, Jack Cowley, who worked his magic to make the artwork appear as a winged demon. The lettering for the EP was created by Fabienne Plangger who is a graphic designer that developed a series of experimental typefaces based on the Rorschach.

Ritual release Enigma on Friday 6th May

Music Video ‘Pandemonium’:

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