Dissonance new signing and fresh from their electric appearance at The British Steel Launch weekend, London’s AMULET tour the USA in early October with Cauldron after playing Frost and Fire Festival in Ventura.

Dates are as follows:

Amulet West Coast US Tour With Cauldron 2017
Oct 07 Frost and Fire Festival, The Bombay, Ventura (with Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road)
Oct 09 San Diego, Soda Bar (with Cauldron)
Oct 10 Los Angeles, Union (with Cauldron)
Oct 11 San Francisco, The Elbo Room (with Cauldron)
Oct 13 Portland, High Water Mark (with Cauldron) Oct 14 Seattle, The Funhouse (with Cauldron)

Upon their return AMULET will hit the studio to recorded their new album ‘Stronghold’, Released via Dissonance March 18, 2018



Amulet are a blinding Heavy Metal act who have helped lead the charge for honest Heavy Rock in London since 2010. The five-piece is inspired by the golden era of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock but with a focused riff-heavy sound of their own. You can expect well structured songs with catchy vocals, soaring leads and bone shaking bass, driven to the limit by pounding drums. And you can also expect their evil mascot The Hangman to prowl the stage when you see them smash heads live!

Following their lauded and re-pressed ‘Cut the Crap’ EP (2011) and debut album ‘The First’ (Century Media, 2014) the band has had many successful excursions to Europe plus Canada with many noted festival performances around the globe. After releasing a demo of new track ‘Highwayman’ on British Steel Volume 1. Amulet are due to record their forthcoming second album this Autumn ahead of an early 2018 release.

Jamie Elton – Vocals
James ‘Nippy’ Blackford – Lead Guitar
Marek ‘Heathen’ Steven – Guitar
Sam Mackertich – Bass
Neil Ganesha – Drums

Bloody Night video (2015): https://youtu.be/EM5ku9jXW6s
Cut the Crap videos (2012): https://youtu.be/qTVgbnCqapc

Amulet lead the charge on the upcoming BRITISH STEEL album out now Dissonance Productions.

On BRITISH STEEL you’ll hear Amulet, Aggressive Perfector, Eliminator, Dungeon, Dark Forest, Toledo Steel, Vuil, Seven Sisters, Insurgency, Neuronspoiler and Wytch Hazel.

Check out the album teaser here: https://youtu.be/br3XKZJ7gHg

1. Amulet – Highwayman
2. Aggressive Perfector – Harlot’s Spell
3. Eliminator – Lost To The Void
4. Dungeon – Queen Of Sin
5. Dark Forest – Where The Arrow
6. Toledo Steel – Rock Nights
7. Vuil – Iron Witch
8. Seven Sisters – The Witch’s Eye
9. Insurgency – Destined For Death
10. Neuronspoiler – Slay The Beast
11. Wytch Hazel – Freedom Battle

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