American Terror // Influencer // Album Review
American Terror // Influencer // Album Review 10
American Terror // Influencer // Album Review 10
American Terror // Influencer // Album Review 10
American Terror // Influencer // Album Review 10
American Terror // Influencer // Album Review 10
10Overall Score
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Its ballsy, brash, thrashy, punky, and everything in between, it’ll make the inner rebellious teen inside you stand up and give a big middle finger salute, it’s just brilliant. For a debut album it is more than was expected, obviously, these guys have been around but it’s the tightness that they have that really stands out. With a run time of just under thirty-five minutes the tracks come thick and fast, “Judgement” kicks it all off with a screeching start, a nice heavy riff, a bass line that is really thick and Brad Cox screaming his lungs out, a great way to start it all off.

“Denial” picks right up where it predecessor left off with a funkier riff and as the chorus hit it gets more melodic even with a pounding beat running underneath, from the first listen this just sticks in your brain and you will be singing it to yourself long after listening to it. “How Do You Like Me Now” has a harder, edgier feel to it will grinding riffs, blasting drums and bass and with Cox kind of angry whispering the vocals before he rips it up in the chorus really gives it a kick, it takes a stuttering turn at the breakdown before it gets back to ripping as the track closes. “Retribution” is a roaring track that will melt your face as it blasts full tilt with a cool riff that will have you stomping around like a lunatic. “People Piss Me Off” is a speedy punchy track that has a machine gun drum track with a gnarly riff that gives a funky vibe, a tasty little solo is thrown in for good measure that adds some extra spice. “She’s A Bitch” is a funky number that just feels so right, a real homage to The Offspring, with scratches all over the place and the trusty old cowbell, a real earworm.

“The Threat” screams all kinds of hell from the start with Cox tearing the throat out of himself, with Tom Morello style guitars, thumping bass and drums this is a real statement of intent that they would do well to continue with on future albums, a cracking track. “Prophet For Profit” carries on from where the previous track finished with an absolute monster that has everything, great riffs, pounding drums, and bass with cracking vocals and has to be hands down the best track on the album. “Break Free” is another cracker that starts out nu metal-ish but changes tack as the chorus hits and continues to see-saws back and forth, as the tempo picks up again there is a cool solo that again has all the hallmarks of Morello and it rocks setting up the finish nicely. “PC Me” is a snarling punk track that has a killer riff and is a great way to finish off the album with a two-fingered salute to all the snowflakes out there.

For a debut album, it is hard to get much better than this Influencer is out 22nd May via EMP Label Group and is a must-have!




American Terror are:

Brian Cox Vocals

Pat Valley Guitars

Murphy Karges Bass

DJ Soulman Scratches & Beats

Rob Hammersmith Drums


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