Amarionette - Evolution - EP Review
Amarionette - Evolution - EP Review 8
Amarionette - Evolution - EP Review 8
Amarionette - Evolution - EP Review 8
Amarionette - Evolution - EP Review 8
Amarionette - Evolution - EP Review 8
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Amarionette are here with a brand new EP Evolution. Since their last album, the band has welcomed new frontman and vocalist Spencer “Issy” Berry who follows the departure of Quinn White back in 2018. With a change in the lineup came their last EP Amvri and now we have this latest offering. Combining that Pop and Rock sound with an electro-synth sound, it’s clear these Las Vegas boys haven’t lost their touch.

With just 7 tracks, it’s more mod way between an EP and a full-length album that has you wishing there was more. The first single to be released “B.Nasty” is the perfect example of what this band has to offer with melodic bridges and choruses that have a toe-tapping backbeat behind them. While “Nostalgic Love” has stronger guitar riffs heading a more rock sound before having a poppier chorus. “So Much Better II” is certainly a highlight though with a strong riff and feel good sounding verses. There is definitely a heavier feel to this track while not compromising on the pop feel too. This is a track that shows off why this band is good at what they do. With a new vocalist, there is always a concern that a bands sound may alter but they managed to keep the essentials of what defines them as the Amarionettes.

While there is still a wish for more from the band, they have proven that they still know how to create a selection of killer tracks that are easy to listen to and hold a great sense of fun. If you’re after a good pop-rock sound then this band is exactly what you’re looking for. The album is out now and certainly worth checking out!

“…a spring-heeled pop-rock track that somehow both soars and gets right in your face.” – Kerrang

“big hooks, catchy melodies, and a funk-driven, mesmerizing delivery.” – Substream





  1. No Control
  2. Modern Disco II
  3. B.Nasty
  4. Nostalgic Love
  5. Accidental Obsession
  6. So Much Better II
  7. Diamond Dust


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