Alternative Rockers The Exits Return with ‘Gone’


Artist: The Exits  

Genre: Rock 

Release: ‘Gone’ 

Release Date: November 16th  


Brooklyn rockers The Exits bring fresh energy and attitude to the rock genre with the release of ‘Gone’. Having shared the stage with the likes of Future, X Ambassadors, and Bon Jovi in previous projects, The Exits are unafraid to be experimental with their sound, earning them features in Pop Matters, Atwood Magazine, and others.  


Listen to ‘Gone’ here:



The band’s image is unmistakably rock & roll, but the collective are no throwback. The Exits are defined by modern song writing and fresh production, and with hints of electro and R&B, they aim to help the genre hit refresh. 


Their story dates back to their college days. Jared Schneider (lead vocals/guitarist) and Ryan Calabrese (drums/vocals) met while attending Hamilton College and played in previous bands together, sharing stages with major acts from SXSW Festival to Times Square. It wasn’t until the two graduated and moved to New York that they recruited the help of New Zealand native Tom Harrison (bass), completing their trio.  


While influenced by rock legends from The Rolling Stones to The Strokes, The Exits don’t hesitate to add modern flair. “We grew up listening to great rock music” Schneider explains, “and it doesn’t really seem to be well represented at the moment. We’re doing our part to make rock relevant again by incorporating some of thecool things we hear in modern music.”  


The Exits’ mission is clear: to be a great rock band in the absence of many contemporaries. With their eyes wide open to what’s around them, they’re unafraid to try something new. 


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