Alternative rock group Pale Blue Dot release breezy, hopeful single “Waiting for Signs” feat. piano by ex-Dave Matthews Band’s Butch Taylor
“Waiting For Signs”
“Waiting for Signs”, the first single from alternative rock band Pale Blue Dot’s third studio album Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species is a testament to the band’s notable and meaningful talent. While “Waiting for Signs” clocks in at around 6 minutes, the song features drifting, windy vocals and classic, lovely piano pieces from Butch Taylor (formerly of Dave Matthews Band) that make the time fly by. Virginia’s Pale Blue Dot leaves no room for addition, using every opportunity to create exciting layers and thoughtful lyrics, pulling listeners into a hopeful, retro reality.
“‘Waiting for Signs’ is a song about the realization of one’s self-worth. If you don’t understand your emotions you are dooming yourself to the dangers of depression and anxiety. Ultimately you can be ruining your self and relationships in your life by negating your own emotions.” elaborates Pale Blue Dot’s Tony LaRocco.
photo by Bianca LaRocco
In the rural parts of Virginia, creativity goes a long way when it comes to forming hobbies. With not much to do, one might even say inspirations have more of an impact on people who live in open country areas, much like the way music impacted alternative rock band Pale Blue Dot’s Tony LaRocco. Since his ripe teenage years, fantastic music of all genres found its way into the life of LaRocco, whether it was his mother introducing him to Zeppelin or listening to Nine Inch Nails echoing on the turntable in his military academy dorm room. Records such as Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy and Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction rattled his youth with their angst and unwavering agony and watered his dreams of playing in a band.
As the story goes for so many art-inclined people, LaRocco found himself attending college and abandoning his focus on his musical dream. Trading in this dream for a degree, LaRocco’s passion for performance may have stayed buried if his wife didn’t push him to return to it. After finding a live band to perform his music with in 2015, LaRocco discovered that she was right: he was still an incredibly talented musician and the world needed to hear it.
Since 2020 turned sour, LaRocco and the Pale Blue Dot lineup (guitarist Dakota Slager, bassist Turtle Zwadlo and drummer Darby Wootten) feel an ache from the hole left without the opportunity to perform live. Nevertheless, Pale Blue Dot put their energy into a new release, which drops in Fall 2020, starting with the album’s first single “Waiting For Signs”.
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