Alternative rock band Lolita narrate intense acid-trip in new music video “Heavy Weighted”

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An alternative rock band that pushes limits of their respective genre, Virginia’s Lolita has partnered with creator David Carney to craft a far-out drug-induced story line in their latest video for new single “Heavy Weighted”. Melting into city-scapes drenched in vivid colors, “Heavy Weighted” is a first-hand narration of a stranger experiencing an assumed intense acid trip on a city train.

“Heavy Weighted came first as an instrumental demo for the new album. Will Nealy wrote the lyrics to it while listening to the demo on a subway ride home from work in NYC late at night. It’s a play by play of a stranger in the train car with me who I assume was tripping his ass off and my interpretation of what they were doing and saying at the time. Pretty much all the lyrics were written on that 20-minute trip.”

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Lolita was first conceptualized by frontman Will Nealy and bassist Jeff White nearly a decade ago when the two friends united over a shared passion for bringing a new style of music to the monotony of Charlottesville’s traditional sound. They envisioned a rock band that respected the pioneers of the genre while simultaneously presenting an entirely new manifestation of musical movement.

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