Alter Bridge // Walk The Sky // Album Review
Alter Bridge // Walk The Sky // Album Review10
Alter Bridge // Walk The Sky // Album Review10
Alter Bridge // Walk The Sky // Album Review10
Alter Bridge // Walk The Sky // Album Review10
Alter Bridge // Walk The Sky // Album Review10
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Since 2004, Alter Bridge have been rocketing their way to the top of Heavy Rock and now Walk The Sky is here to continue the incredible trajectory.

The incredible 4 piece have been selling records at an incredible rate since their gold certified debut album One Day Remains, followed by the highly acclaimed 2007 release of Blackbird and then followed their first album to include a Number 1 single in ‘Isolation’ from the album III. 2016 saw the release of The Last Hero followed by two sell out show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, accompanied by a 52 piece Parallax Orchestra.

Both Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy have been busy with their respective other projects so Walk The Sky was written differently to previous albums, with both writing separately and then sharing their ideas digitally before all coming together and deciding which tracks worked the best.

Immediately as you press play, the unique voice of Kennedy greets you, backed by a slow and stripped back musical as you are warmly welcomed by ‘One Life’ before the electric is switched on and turned up to max on ‘Wouldn’t You Rather’ as a heavy and very chunky riff really opens up the album in a very fine manner, before the velvety voice drapes over everything. Walk The Sky already feels very special, before the extremely talented Tremonti makes his solo mark in incredible fashion.

The heaviness feels very organic and gets the pulse racing and then the groove is added into the mix on ‘In The Deep’, where the slower offerings on the album begin, however also including choppy guitars and punchy drums, this does packs as much punch as the previous tracks.

This combination of styles flows through the 14 track release and keeps you wondering which style will be next, however you are not wondering if the next track will be incredible as I can tell you now that there is no filler here.

‘Take The Crown’ feels like it is far more than a song title, it is a statement and I cant help but feel that this album does exactly that.

The entire album feels like Alter Bridge are ready to take that leap to Festival headliner status and have created an album full of Hard Rock greatness, a collection of which is rarely seen on any album other than a compilation. This is their finest work and certain to be as successful, if not more that the previous albums. Walk The Sky is that album that pushes Alter Bridge to the pinnacle of Rock music.

Ed Ford


Walk The Sky is released October 18th 2019 via Napalm Records

Track List

1.       One Life

2.       Wouldn’t You Rather

3.       In The Deep

4.       Godspeed

5.       Native Son

6.       Take The Crown

7.       Indoctrination

8.       The Bitter End

9.       Pay No Mind

10.   Forever Falling

11.   Clear Horizon

12.   Walking On The Sky

13.   Tear Us Apart

14.   Dying Light




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