Alt-Country Trio Drift Mouth Announces Vinyl Release Date


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Loveridge Is Burning, the sophomore album from alt-country trio DRIFT MOUTH, is being pressed on vinyl and will be available on November 12, 2021 via Wild Frontier Recording Company. In addition, the band has unveiled its macabre animated video for their haunting single “The Ghost of Paul Weaver” which was animated by renowned video producer John Burness (Hootie & the Blowfish, Wu-Tang Clan, Jason Aldean, Demi Lovato). Vinyl is now available for preorder here.

“Paul Weaver was mostly a solitary man,” explains vocalist and guitarist Lou Poster. “Misunderstood by the townsfolk, he lived alone on a parcel of land that he loved more than anything in the world. He fell in love with a woman, Eliza Jones, who lived down the hill, bringing her gifts of morel mushrooms and crabapples from his property. She was his only real connection to the community, as most of the other residents considered him an oddball and outcast.

When the local coal baron sent men to buy his land, he refused. They beat and killed him and tried to make it look like a train hopping accident, going so far as to leave a goodbye note for Eliza typed out on Paul’s own machine. Everyone knew what had really happened, but went along with the lie as people often do. Eventually the obvious truth became widely accepted, but by then there was no one left who remembered his story.

Paul’s ghost still walks the hills, searching for his two lost loves; his beautiful land and Eliza Jones.”

“The Ghost of Paul Weaver”
“Loveridge mine stands as a metaphor for all of the failures of the coal industry to deliver on its promises of prosperity and stability for the people of Appalachia,” explains Poster. “The first of the revolutionary longwall mines in the region, it rocketed to prominence as one of the top producing mines in the world in just the first few years of operation in the ’80s, generating vast wealth for the owners and shareholders out of state. The miners working there, however, were subjected to long hours in dangerous conditions for comparatively little pay, just as they have always been.”

The album received praise from everyone to American Songwriter to No Depression to Glide Magazine to Columbus Alive to Adobe & Teardrops.

Lou Poster is the son of a 3rd generation West Virginia coal miner. A solid work ethic and a healthy distrust of unchecked capitalism is part of his DNA. After fronting the ear-crushing cowpunk band Grafton for nearly two decades, he has decided to explore the more melodic side of his country roots, and the result combines murder ballads that sit neatly beside tales of lost love and disconnection, all from a truly unique perspective. He has the ability to deliver a narrative that can be read on multiple levels and be important and moving no matter the interpretation.

DRIFT MOUTH is Lou Poster (vocals, guitar), Jess Kauffman (backing vocals, bass), and David Murphy (drums).

“Tennessee Highway”
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