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“A refreshing indie-pop jam…’Mornight’ is an immersive experience that is as entertaining to listen to as it is good”
– The Alternative

“An instant showstopper”
– Thank Folk For That

“Packed to the brim with catchy melodic hooks”
– She Makes Music

“Astonishing vocal arrangements”
– We All Want Someone To Shout For

“A dream pop banger”
– Glass Factory

“If this is what a loose single sounds like, I can imagine how a cohesive body of work from the trio would shake pop music. ”
– Envertent

“Beautiful, precise and organic… a world within itself”
– Sounds Good Blog

– Sonic Breakfast

– Le Future Wave

NYC-based indie dream pop trio ALMA have entered the stage, and their latest single “Mornight” is an instant showstopper. A realist twist on your classic top of the pops hit, “Mornight” takes the perspective of a bartender working the night shift in NYC. Showcasing the trio’s impressive production chops, “Mornight” is chock full of catchy melodic hooks, dreamy harmonies, and an overwhelming danceability. You can read more about the track and how the group came together in their latest exclusive interview with Mundane Magazine.

ALMA share the story behind the song: “It’s Friday night, and while the rest of the world is getting ready for a fun night, you’re heading out to work. While nights out mean fun for those dancing on the floor, the view is a bit different when you’re the one pouring the drinks. “Mornight” flips the script on a classic night out. While the music is produced in a dance, top-40 style, the story follows our main character from the moment she wakes up in the early evening and during her bartender night shift.”

On the production, ALMA share: “In a classic ALMA fashion, sound design plays a major role in the production of the song. Our collaborator for this song, Noah Kellman, made a sampled drum kit out of coffee cup sounds that, along with on-beat sound alarms and yawns, starts our journey through the daily life of a night-shift worker. Footstep sounds take us through her commute to her workplace, where the beat is made out of glasses clinking, drinks pouring, and tired sighs. The bridge creates a cinematic atmosphere that fully immerses the listener into the reality of being “trapped” in a side-job, a reality that many face in order to make ends meet in the City.”

After hearing “Mornight,” you’ll undoubtedly be hungry for more. Good thing their debut album, Mosaic, is due out this Fall. 

Mosaic is an immersive patchwork of experiences lived in New York City, with each song delivering the story of a moment in time, forever tied to the place it was lived in. Spanning decades of city history, personal memories, train rides, and collective calls to action. What’s special about this album is it takes the listener on a citywide adventure through many of the five boroughs: on the subway, through Astoria park, and on the Wonder Wheel at night to feel what it’s like to be a New Yorker. More than that, the album transcends the limits of place and invites the listener to fully inhabit each song, no matter where they are.

Often compared to artists like Sylvan Esso, Tune Yards, The Staves, and Dirty Projectors, ALMA’s music is immersive, chock full of vocal harmony and homegrown production. ALMA worked with industry giants Elliot Moss (mixing) and Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound (mastering) to bring their genre-bending freshman album, Mosaic, to light.

01. Fall
02. Pin in the Map
03. Snow
04. Can’t Swim?
05. #naturanaturans
06. “More Woke”
07. Water Rises
08. Big Green American Dream
09. Vesuvio
10. Sips of Oxygen
11. Mosaic
12. Mornight


NYC-based trio ALMA bring a quirky, cinematic DIY approach to dream pop. Often compared to artists like Sylvan Esso, Tune Yards, The Staves, and Dirty Projectors, their music is immersive, chock full of vocal harmony and homegrown production. Collaborating with industry giants Elliot Moss and Ted Jensen on their debut record, ALMA crafts a sound that is purely and uniquely their own. Their genre-bending freshman effort, Mosaic is due out this Fall.

ALMA is comprised of Alba S. Torremocha (vocals, strings, bass, drums, guitar, uke) Lillie R. McDonough (vocals, piano, glock, violin, hammer dulcimer), and Melissa K. Carter (vocals, guitar). The trio formed in 2019 out of a shared delight in harmonizing and experimentation with quirky instrumentals and old-fangled synthesizers. They discovered a certain alchemy in the combination of sensibilities as film composers and audio engineers that has made for a genre bending offering to the wide world of indie pop. Elements of Folk, Rock, Grunge, Pop and even movie soundtracks are all at home in their songs.

Leaning into the creative constraints of studio shutdowns through 2020, ALMA went rogue with at-home production: a choice that would quickly become a key component to their unique sound. Armed with a mobile microphone and a DIY sensibility, they use airplanes as cymbals, parental phone chats as texture, slices of last year’s Fourth of July Party, and even samples of Melissa’s roomie splashing in the tub to produce their music with the sounds of the world they inhabit outside of the recording studio. Their unique approach to production is grounded by ethereal vocal arrangements that form the core of their signature sound.

Their debut LP Mosaic is a personal letter to NYC. Each song delivers the story of a moment in time in the city they call home. Mosaic invites you to sit beside them on the subway, walk with them through Astoria park, and ride the Wonder Wheel at night as you feel into what it means to be a New Yorker. They have been releasing singles from the album since September of 2020 that have received glowing reviews by Glasse FactorySounds Good BlogEnvertentLe Future WaveWe All Want Someone to Shout for, and more.

ALMA was named a NYFA Fellow for their genre-pushing work in 2019, and later was an Awesome Foundation Grant recipient in 2020. They are currently in the process of producing a staged, theatrical musical of their freshman album in partnership with Savannah Repertory Theater.

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