Yorkshire four piece Allusinlove have returned with their defiant and candid new single and video ‘Just Like Hell’. Listen HERE, and watch the video HERE.

‘Just Like Hell’ is a continuation of Allusinlove’s infectious and intricate grunge pop, marking a solid return to their DIY roots, released through their own 32BU Recordings. The single is also available on limited edition, spray painted 7” vinyl as an A/B-side with fan favourite ‘My Cat’ available at

Ever the band to be empathetic towards their surroundings, the lyrics for ‘Just Like Hell’ were written by frontman Jason Moules, and confronts the narrative of being from a small town (in his case Castleford in West Yorkshire) particularly in the context of Britain’s current tumultuous political climate. “I’d rather jump in at the deep end  / Than drown in your shallow hell“ he sings at the anthemic chorus. The accompanying video sees residents in Castleford follow Jason to a secret Allusinlove gig, where life goes from lacklustre to bursting with colour and hope, with their music and live dynamic battling everyday monotony with ferocity.

“The song is about opening your eyes to the way things truly are around you – refusing to follow the same life goals that society has made the norm, and not being afraid to demand a better life. It’s okay to want something different.” They offer on the new single.

Allusinlove are Jason Moules (vocals/guitar), Drey Pavlovic (guitar), Jemal Malki (bass) and Connor Fisher-Atack (drums). Born in the summer of 2012, the band were driven together by their outcast working class upbringings and steadfast miner-like work ethic, with a shared ambition to create a sound that was uniquely theirs – influenced by a hodgepodge of sounds ranging from Bjork, Deftones, Pearl Jam and Blur. The four-piece have been aboard their own seven year rollercoaster which has taken them through a name change, highs, low and hard knocks, and from pub gigs to playing arenas. All the while they’ve been evolving and honing away, finally emerging with a sound that unites their early post-grunge hard rock and more recent walls of psychedelic sound. As frontman Jason puts it, “We’re difficult to pigeonhole, but I see that as a good thing, not a bad thing. If something sparks creativity, you should chase it, and that’s what we’ve done.”

2019 marked the most successful summer of their careers touring arenas around Europe with the likes of Skunk Anansie and Muse, and appearances at festivals including Download, The Great Escape, Reading & Leeds as well as extensive radio support from Annie Mac, Jack Saunders, Huw Stevens and Daniel P Carter.

Allusinlove will be celebrating the release of ‘Just Like Hell’ with a string of UK tour dates around their hometown in Yorkshire.


31st Jan – Queens Mill, Castleford TICKETS

1st Feb – The Parish, Huddersfield TICKETS

7th Feb – Cafe Totem, Sheffield TICKETS

8th Feb – Dive, Hull TICKETS


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