All Time Low // Wake Up Sunshine // Album Review

For over a decade now, All Time Low has been one of the most respected names within the world of modern Pop-Punk, and with the upcoming release of their latest album WAKE UP, SUNSHINE this is no different.

WAKE UP, SUNSHINE instantly starts on a strong foot with Some Kind of Disaster which blends old 90’s Pop-Punk with modern Pop-Rock for a catchy track that pulls you into the album while tracks like Sleeping In, Trouble is and Clumsy all feel like a further evolution of the sound that brought All Time Low to such a high position within the industry. Alongside this we have the title track, Wake Up, Sunshine which has fantastic musicianship and vocals making it one of the albums highlights for me.

Alongside this, we have a couple of tracks that have some incredible features. The first of these is Monsters which features American rapper/pop songwriter BlackBear which is just incredibly catchy and has a hook that’ll get stuck in your head for days after your first listen. The other is Favourite Place featuring The Band CAMINO which is a melancholic love letter that feels like a confession of love. 

The final part of the album I want to focus on is the season’s tracks, January Gloom, and Summer Daze. These are without a question the most typically Pop songs on the entire album, but they’re incredibly infectious. January Gloom features possibly the best vocal performance from Alex Gaskarth on the entire album and Summer Daze is a carefree track that just makes you think, fittingly, of summer and the joy everyone remembers of hanging out with their friends in the sun, riding your bikes and just having fun while enjoying your youth (or in my case getting drunk in a park at 14 while skateboarding with my mates).

WAKE UP, SUNSHINE is without question a fantastic album from a band that continues to go from strength to strength with each release they put out. All Time Low have successfully done something most bands fail to with this album, that being the brilliant blend of influences in their sound across all eras of Pop-Punk, while also blending their older sound with a much more modern one to create a pretty unique album that will appeal to older fans while being accessible enough for anyone curious about the hype surrounding All Time Low. This is a great release that I cannot recommend enough. 


Review: Daniel Stapleton

Wake Up, Sunshine Is out this Friday, April 3rd via Fueled By Ramen Records




01. Some Kind of Disaster
02. Sleeping In
03. Getaway Green
04. Melancholy Kaleidoscope
05. Trouble Is
06. Wake Up, Sunshine
07. Monsters feat. blackbear
08. Pretty Venom (Interlude)
09. Favorite Place feat. The Band CAMINO
10. Safe
11. January Gloom (Seasons pt. 1)
12. Clumsy
13. Glitter & Crimson
14. Summer Daze (Seasons pt. 2)
15. Basement Noise



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