Brittish pop-punk quartet All Tied Up has returned with a brand new darker, both musically and lyrically, single – “Use A Pencil To Draw Blood” – which undeniably provides a completely different, but absolutely brilliant direction of the standards related with the pop-punk scene nowadays! “Use A Pencil To Draw Blood” displays a pummeling verse progression, an emotionally charged pre-chorus and a soaring chorus with a pleasant guitar melody compliments throughout the whole composition, as the overall song development establishes a sensible array of melody and aggression. A rather persistent and superb combination of heavy and melodic sections, the single delivers a blend of intense progressions and riffing throughout the verses, yet still manages to tastefully utilize melodic bursts in the choruses, ultimately delivering a memorable and single-worthy performance. Possessing a level of raw and passion that only a few artists in the genre are able to replicate, “Use A Pencil To Draw Blood” selects a great diversity of influences by taking advantage of the best elements of All Tied Up’s talents, delivering a monolithic, unique sound with an extra dose of likability, due to its courageous approach to create something new and fresh in the current state of the alternative scene.
Watch the video for “Use A Pencil To Draw Blood” by clicking on the image below.
Describing the intentions behind the process of creating the new single, All Tied Up says: “With this song, we’ve definitely gone in a darker direction musically and in subject matter and tried to capture a slightly heavier edge. There are solos, screams and so much more. We want to push the boundaries of “conventional” pop punk to the limits and show that we are capable of much more than being a generic sound-a-like band and creating our own little niche.

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