All Are To Return Premiere New Video “Bare Life”

“It’s crushing, it’s brutal, and I can’t get enough of it.”

All Are To Return premiere new video “Bare Life”

All Are To Return premiere new video “Bare Life”

Our friends at Everything Is Noise have the premiere for the new video “Bare Life” by All Are To Return.

“Bare Life” feels like the musical manifestation of a worst-case scenario slowly becoming reality, from a niggling anxiety at the front of your mind to a full-blown panic as things slowly crumble until they finally collapse on themselves in dreadful disaster. I initially thought it was nightmarish – but it’s not. It’s not a fear of a fantasy that can be shaken once the morning comes; it’s fear of life itself. The more disillusioned you are by the world, the more you relish your own fear and futility, the better – All Are To Return will play right into that.

Read the article / watch the video here

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