ALI IN THE JUNGLE – New Single – Fuel on the Fire

ALI IN THE JUNGLE – Fuel on the Fire

10th April 2021

For fans of:  The Killers, Johnny Cash, Franz Ferdinand



Indie innovators Ali In The Jungle have been swapping instruments and mixing genres since 2012. Over the years Tim, Chris, Sam and Ali have been pushing themselves toward writing and performing exciting, catchy, and meaningful indie music, each with a bit of extra awesome. Their music combines sharp wit with raw supercharged piano, post-punk, Britpop, glam, and jazz. Career highlights include warming up for ‘Drunk Folk’ artist Beans On Toast in their hometown of Milton Keynes, as well as performances at O2 Academy Islington, The Garage, 229 The Venue and The Good Mixer in Camden.



This song has its origins in a fragment of a song by Tim’s uncle from around 20 years ago. Tim was awed by its simple yet effortless cool, so he and uncle Jon worked on the demo into the wee small hours until it became “Fuel on the Fire”, with its semantics of violence and cars inspired by the Jake Gyllenhaal movie Nightcrawler. Lyrically, the song takes inspiration from At Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash, in which the tracks detail the crimes and interior feelings of American criminals; “Fuel On The Fire” deals with the violent murder of a man and his lover, committed out of jealousy. Musically, all of the band are employing some left-field techniques: Chris sprinkles his lead guitar parts with slide guitar, Ali plays the brushes and uses sidestick hits, Sam injects the choruses with some disco-esque basslines, and Tim plays the acoustic guitar as if he’s in a Western. It’s an unholy mix which has no right to sound as good as it does.  It was recorded and produced by Ru Cook at Lost Boys Studio near Bedford.


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