Alcatrazz // Girlschool // Live Review // Nightrain Bradford

It’s a cold and dark night in Bradford tonight but there’s an event tonight sure to liven things up. It’s the next stop on the joint Alcatrazz and Girlschool tour and there’s a good crowd out tonight to see both of these classic bands. 

Up first, is supergroup Alcatrazz tonight bringing the British heavy metal in full force. Having recently released their fifth studio album V this tour is the first outing for the new tracks and the crowd are eager to hear them. Included in the setlist is “Sword of Deliverance” and “Turn of the Wheel” which are great examples of the new album. They also include plenty of classics from their back catalogue such as “Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live” and “Vigilante Man”. Guitarist Joe Stump showcases his incredible talent as his fingers move across the fretboard at super speeds. Stood watching him play you know you’re watching greatness perform. Meanwhile front man Doogie White draws your attention as he waves the mic stand in the air and moves around the stage. It’s his vocals though which are in incredible form tonight as he hits every note with ease. The rest of the band are not to be forgotten however as they provide an incredibly strong performance and atmosphere tonight. From start to finish the whole set is one that includes great talent and incredible music to create a memorable night.


Taking the stage next is Girlschool and the crowd is more than warmed up to see this girl band blow the roof off the place. The night might be getting late but the band are full of energy as they take over the place bounding around the stage and creating a performance out of their set. Throughout the entire show I don’t think one of the girls stood still for longer than 5 seconds as they put their all into each and every song tonight with broken strings to prove it. The energy in the room is incredible and even with some technical issues, they managed to keep the crowd entertained and wanting more as they all bounced off one another. The set itself is full of classic songs such as “Demolition Man”, “Hit and Run” and “Take It Like A Band”. It’s the very best of Girlschool and they are at their best tonight. With an encore of a cover of ZZ Tops “Tush”, if there was ever any doubt that these girls are all about a good time then the ease and fun they had through this song as they played around with who was to sing just proves this. There’s honestly not a bad word to be said about the band’s performance tonight as they hit every aspect of providing a great show from crowd interaction to great music to an all out party!


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