Albert Cummings // Believe // Album Review

Albert Cummings returns with another fine recording in the form of Believe, his latest offering and first via Provogue and the Mascot Label Group. Cummings has two decades recording experience after coming to the game as a late bloomer by today’s standards, stepping out with his own band at the ripe old age of 27. Fair play I say, clearly, he knew the time was right for him to make his mark in the world of Blues and so much so gaining the notoriety of none other than Double Trouble members Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon. 

No mean feat, but one which would cement his reputation and turn more than a few heads his direction, rightly so, as he has produced a fine collection of recordings to date from his 2001 debut From The Heart to 2015’s Someone Like You. So in 2020 what can we expect from Cummings and Believe? Thankfully more of the same with a new flavor brought in with the help of GRAMMY Award-winning producer, Jim Gaine who has worked with the likes of SRV and Carlos Santana. 

So the trademark Cummings fluidity that pours out across his recordings has that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ to make it pop! And pop it does as each track just resonates from the off with groove-laden tracks and larger than life sing-along choruses that just make you wanna get off your ass and boogie. From the horns of the albums opening track and classic ‘Hold On’ you can’t help but feel the earthy quality to Cummings approach, fluid and ethereal he has laid down eleven tracks that feel effortless in the way in which they flow, his cover of Van Morrison’s ‘Crazy Love’ plays like it was written by Cummings himself. Throughout the album, you have Cumming’s slick guitar work which is so well balanced against the backdrop of fine songwriting that only a guitarist who has nothing to prove can make such a statement, without making a statement at all. 

All in all, Believe is yet another fine recording to add to Cummings collection and will once again bolster his reputation in the Blues community, Believe is out now via Provogue/Mascot Label Group and from all purveyors of fine music, digital or otherwise. 


Track Listing

1. Hold On

2. Do What Mama Says

3. Red Rooster

4. Queen Of Mean

5. Crazy Love

6. Get Out Of Here

7. My Babe

8. It’s All Good

9. Going My Way

10. Call Me Crazy

11. Me And My Guitar

Cummings will tour throughout next year. His dynamic, engaging personality combined with blues musicianship at its finest has created an enduring, loyal fan base worldwide. For the complete list of dates, and more information on Albert Cummings, visit

Check Out Cummings’ rendition of 1966 Soul Classic Hold On here:

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