Akersborg – “Feelantropicoco” New Album From Norwegian Hardcore Punk Innovators Out Now

Akersborg – “Feelantropicoco” New Album From Norwegian Hardcore Punk Innovators Out Now

The debut album of Norwegian hardcore punk innovators Akersborg “Feelantropicoco” is out today, November 17 via Vinter Records and streaming in full at this location.

Formed by Dag von Krogh in 2022 with Tobias Ørnes Andersen and Simen Følstad Nilsen from the band Aiming for EnrikeJacob Jones and Torgeier BeyerAkersborg fuse unexpected musical landscapes and genres with distorted guitars, angry screams and catchy hooks, which is hard to describe using a single musical style or tag, although they like to refer it as “catchy avant-garde hardcore”.

After releasing two singles, Akersborg got NRK Urørts attention and that resulted in an opportunity to play at the legendary Øya festival 2022. The rumors about their energetic and contagious live shows spread fast, and it led to a record deal with Vinter Records for the release of their first album “Feelantropicoco”.

“Feelantropicoco” is a made-up word that sounds fun, easy going and whimsical, but is really full of contradictions and complexity. The album is an escape from reality into the imaginative, using reality as the main ingredient. It is an attempt to be a part of the fast pace of modern times as well as it is a critical comment on today’s society. The album also has an impressive roster of guests Agnete Kjølsrud from Djerv and Animal AlphaMaciek Ofstad from KvelertakAnders Ugmod from Beaten To Death, and Bendik Brænne.