Airpark Share New EP ‘Quiet Type: an Intimate Collection of New & Old’ Out Now On Eugenia Hall Records



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 Airpark – “Little Hollywood”
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LISTEN & SHARE: Airpark – “Quiet Type” (feat. Valley Queen)
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LISTEN & SHARE: Airpark – “Bring It Back My Way” (feat. Erin Rae)
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LISTEN & SHARE: Airpark – “D Y W” (feat. St. Lucia)
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“Not ones to be pigeonholed, Airpark list influences ranging from world music like Tinariwen to staples like Nick Cave. Their groovy genre-bending sound even caught the attention of indie-pop mainstay St. Lucia, who brought Airpark along on tour.”
— Lightning 100
“It can almost feel like the band is sitting close, expressing themselves with immense intimacy. While well-produced, the arrangements themselves are cozy, comfortable, and very warm.”

— Northern Transmissions

On Friday, Nashville-based duo Airpark released their new EP, Quiet Type: an Intimate Collection of New & Old. With this EP, the band extends their team spirit to a wider circle of partners, tapping frequent collaborator Scott Hundley as their producer and lacing the songs with contributions from upright bassist Byron House (Robert Plant, Patty Griffin), pedal steel guitarist Spencer Cullum (Miranda Lambert, Steelism), and guest vocalists like Erin Rae, Valley Queen, and Nightingail. The result is a record that stands in low-key defiance of the isolated feelings that permeate the COVID-19 era, while also highlighting the exploration and musical diversity at the core of Airpark’s work. Quiet Type: an Intimate Collection of New & Old may be tranquil, but these songs still speak volumes.

Quiet Type: an Intimate Collection of New & Old — TRACKLISTING

01. Bring It Back My Way (feat. Erin Rae)

02. All The Time (feat. Erin Rae)

03. Little Hollywood

04. Quiet Type (feat. Valley Queen)

05. Devotion (feat. Nightingail)

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Formed in 2017 by brothers Ben Ford and Michael Ford, Jr., Airpark is a Nashville-based duo whose songs explore the wide expanse of forward-thinking pop music.

It’s a sound that’s both timely and timeless, rooted in sharp grooves one minute and dreamily rounded edges the next. Over the course of four EPs, the Fords have created music that’s honest and ever-evolving, glued together by nuanced arrangements, attention to melody, and the refusal to make the same record twice.

They turn another corner with 2021’s Quiet Type: an Intimate Collection of New & Old. Recorded during the chaos of the 2020 pandemic and released on the band’s own Eugenia Hall Records, the five-song EP presents the most soothing tracklist of Airpark’s career. Gone are the heavy-hitting drums that gave the band’s debut, Early Works, Volume 1, its percussive pulse. Absent are the cinematic soundscapes that filled Airpark’s third EP, the Tennis-produced Songs of Airpark, with a sense of windswept cool. Instead, Quiet Type: an Intimate Collection of New & Old focuses on a warmly organic mix of acoustic guitars, atmospheric pedal steel, and male-female duets. It’s the band’s most folk-influenced release, full of soft hues and a therapeutic sense of space. Quiet Type: an Intimate Collection of New & Old is out February 26th via Eugenia Hall Records.

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