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“There’s a bewitching sense of self and sonic mastery that permeates the debut album from Air Land Sea as it begs to profess its soul like a stirring soundtrack for a coming-of-age indie rom com.” – The Soundcheck!


Acclaimed friends and musicians Lior, Nadav Kahn and Tony Buchen have come together as Air Land Sea to release their self-titled, debut album and a music video for its latest single How We Gonna Get There. A cheeky nod to hitchkiking musicians, the track shows a more playful and Beatles-esque pop side to the band after their earlier singles Tell Me What You See When Your Eyes Close and Golden Child cemented their reputation at the forefront of creative and moody pop opuses.

Featuring a nod to Laurel Canyon, a healthy dose of Brian Wilson and an appetite for classic psychedelia, the three accomplished musicians have came together for a cold winter’s writing trip in Daylesford, realizing quickly that something special was emerging as the singular blend of their three voices created a a new dimension quite distinct from their solo work.

Air Land Sea at its core is project about the beauty of songwriting, and showcases the talents of three men at the peak of their creative careers.

“We’d write a song and then there was this interesting process of ‘who’s going to be the lead vocalist on it?”. We mostly unanimously agreed, we’d all get in the studio and sing, then we’d listen back and ask ‘Who do I believe the most?’ and it was always pretty clear,” said Lior.

“It’s funny because now, I barely remember how that happened but somehow someone becomes the lead, we didn’t write anything for a specific vocalist, we were all just working together and it all fit.” said Tony Buchen.

“And on the few occasion that I’d really want to do a vocal on something, it was so easy to accept when it wasn’t happening because it sounds incredible coming from Tony or Lior,” said Nadav Kahn. “That’s the beauty of songwriting, sometimes you just can’t explain; you just know.”

Air Land Sea is out now on all platforms.

About Nadav Kahn: Nadav began his songwriting and performing career as founding member of the art-rock band Gelbison and went on the form the Kahn Brothers and other side projects Nations By The River and, Operation Aloha and his own solo work.

About Lior: Lior has long been held as one of Australia’s most cherished songwriters and performers. After releasing his fourth solo album he collaborated with composer Nigel Westalake on an orchestral work entitled Compassion. Lior has since released another outstanding album of original songs, Between You & Me, and continues to tour across Australia, Europe and the US.

About Tony Buchen: Tony Buchen began his career by leading the band Baggsmen and is now one of Australia’s most in demand record producers having made records with Tim Finn, The Preatures, Andy Bull, Montaigne and many others.

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