Air For Ants release a breathtaking and haunting single “CLG”

New track immerses you in a sonic daydream of introspective introversion;
off upcoming album Once Again With Feeling – premiered on Groundsounds

NEW YORK CITY | OCTOBER 12, 2018 – Beginning with a soft piano line of lulling and beautiful melody, indie-rock/ambient pop band Air For Ants’ new single “CLG” draws you in, for a powerful and hair-raising experience. As the layers build, you float in a sonic immersion, following the musings and reflections of running into an individual after your relationship has dissolved. Premiered on Groundsounds, the track comes as the second single off Air For Ants’ upcoming album Once Again with Feeling, out October 26.Haunting, hesitant, and chilling in a most beautiful manner, “CLG” begins with simple melody, gently bringing you into a daydream of introspective introversion. A jazz-inspired drum beat and bass line layers on, while the vocals of Dominic Sahagun float on top, every lyric saturated in emotion that’s almost palpable. The song explores the crushing confusion of emotions found when running into a former lover; acknowledging what you once had, and realizing both of your lives have moved on to very different paths, yet always wondering “what if”.

Sahagun shared, “The piano, bass and drums for CLG were recorded at the Institute of Audio Researchin Union Square, New York City. All other instruments were recorded in an office in Times Square that I was renting out last year, to try to force myself to finish the album. I would get there at one in the morning and make up parts for the song. (1AM being the best time to work on any music, at least for me.) No one would be there except the security guard, who probably thought I was planting a bomb or something. The office floor was soundproof silent, really dark and eerie at that time. It reminded me of The Shining or something.”

With a variety of influences and sounds, Air For Ants showcases their masterful song-writing and emotive performance skills, that will have you hitting ‘replay’ over and over. A professor at Berklee College of Music, frontman Dominic Sahagun was described as having a “fantastic voice” by Ken Nelson (producer of Coldplay), and the band has been complimented by eleven-time Grammy winner Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds as a band with “cool songs.”

“CLG” comes as the second single off Air For Ants’ upcoming album Once Again With Feeling, which will be released on October 26. The first single “Did You Know You’re Gold” was released last month. Both tracks are available for stream and purchase on all digital platforms now, including Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music.



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Air For Ants was once a solo experimental electronic project in 2010 and is now regarded by 11 time Grammy winner Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds as a band with “cool songs.” Upon hearing the 2015 album We Think It Was Raised by Wolves, Coldplay producer Ken Nelson stated that front man Dominic Sahagun “has a fantastic voice.” The band is releasing a new album called Once Again with Feeling on October 26, 2018. Dominic also teaches at Berklee College of Music.

What the press are saying…

“Not so much “pop” in the Lady Gaga sense, Air for Ants is more “catchy rock” with jazz and funk influences.” – The LoDownNY

“Air For Ants is a rock band you’ll be keeping your eyes peeled for! Merging sounds that recall Radiohead, and chilling vocals one is not likely to forget…”
– Manhattan Portage

“Proof that some experimental pop can be damn catchy and full of pent-up emotion.” – Power Popaholic

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