Air For Ants mesmerize with new album
Once Again With Feeling

Introspective sonic journey of layered ambient pop and indie-rock tracks bring an immersive experience; premiered on Substream Magazine
NEW YORK CITY | OCTOBER 26, 2018 – Saturated in pure emotion, Air For Ants‘ new album Once Again With Feeling provides a immersive sonic exploration of relationships, emotions, and self-reflection. While the band pulls from ambient pop and indie-rock influences, their final presentation is genre-defying, as they incorporate elements of jazz, funk, and electronic sounds into their mix. The seven-track release takes listeners on a emotional journey into their own world of reflections, feelings, and memories.Substream Magazine, who premiered the release, said, “Each track on the album carries a sound that’s completely unlike anything else on the album, but at the same time instantly recognizable as Air For Ants.” Frontman and vocalist Dominic Sahagun penned the majority of the tracks, showcasing his masterful writing skills and talent for introspective channeling. He shared, “Our last album We Think It Was Raised by Wolves was about one long relationship, and although this album is about shorter relationships – they were just as painful/intense, and some of them felt like they went on forever.”

As personal as the material is, the album’s journey from concept to finished product took its own toll of work, anguish, and patience. “All the drums, bass and piano took two days to record, but the album itself took over two years to finish,” said Sahagun. “I’ve been really busy, and would sometimes put the tracks away for months.” A professor at Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts, Sahagun’s frequent traveling forced him to record in numerous locations including New York, Houston, and Las Vegas. Technical issues from a lost computer to natural disasters further held up elements of production and mastering of the release.

It’s a perhaps a suiting uphill battle that makes the end result of Once Again With Feeling all the more gratifying and powerful. Sahagun has been described as having a “fantastic voice” by Ken Nelson (producer of Coldplay), and the band has been complimented by eleven-time Grammy winner Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds as a band with “cool songs.” Once Again With Feeling is digitally available everywhere today, including Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music.


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Air For Ants was once a solo experimental electronic project in 2010 and is now regarded by 11 time Grammy winner Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds as a band with “cool songs.” Upon hearing the 2015 album We Think It Was Raised by Wolves, Coldplay producer Ken Nelson stated that front man Dominic Sahagun “has a fantastic voice.” Dominic also teaches at Berklee College of Music.

“The 6+ minute song will leave you thoroughly impressed.” – GroundSounds, [On “CLG”]

“Not so much “pop” in the Lady Gaga sense, Air for Ants is more “catchy rock” with jazz and funk influences.” – The LoDownNY

“Air For Ants is a rock band you’ll be keeping your eyes peeled for! Merging sounds that recall Radiohead, and chilling vocals one is not likely to forget…” – Manhattan Portage

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