Agnostic Front // Get Loud! // Album Review
Agnostic Front // Get Loud! // Album Review8
Agnostic Front // Get Loud! // Album Review8
Agnostic Front // Get Loud! // Album Review8
Agnostic Front // Get Loud! // Album Review8
Agnostic Front // Get Loud! // Album Review8
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Quite simply, there would be no Hardcore without Agnostic Front.

Having been creating stunning music since their debut EP United Blood in 1983, the legends have voiced their opinions on all things socio-political and this, their 12th full-length album is no different. In an uncertain world, it is bands like Agnostic Front who offer an outlet to the frustrations that are created by others and who tend to feel that they know the answers, although they are nowhere the issues themselves.

Honing in on their New York Hardcore sound, the band also throw in a little punk for good measure as they bring us a 14 track 31-minute masterpiece that will make you want to throw down in the pit and then go for the stage dive.

Blasting off with ‘Spray Painted Walls’ the pace is rapid, the hooks are vicious and the vocal of fantastically strained as it narrates the views that the Original Hardcore band want to share and offer an out for the listener.

‘Get Loud’ slows things down a little speed-wise however promotes that people take a stand and make a change. It is a motivational track for people to do that thing that they have been wanting to do. ‘AF Stomp’ is a belting track that will get the pulse racing and the pit open nice and wide, even though it is somewhat of a musical interlude, this truly shows how music alone can make you move.

By the time we reach the album closer ‘Devastated’ we feel a little scrambled as the frenetic pace and sound of this album hasn’t really slowed down or let up but that is by no means a bad thing. If anything, it just makes us reach for the repeat all button so we don’t lose for a minute.

Get Loud! Is a clear reminder, if anyone needed it, that Agnostic Front has been at the forefront of Hardcore for so long for a very good reason. They carry their Old School sound into the now by tackling and voicing issues in a way that people relate to and feel empowered to do something about it.

Agnostic Front has created another record that is as real as it gets and it sounds amazing. Get Loud!  is as important as any other record that you will hear and is a must for any fan of Hardcore or Punk and if you haven’t experienced Agnostic Front before, what are you waiting for?!

Ed Ford

Get Loud! is released November 8th via Nuclear Blast


Track Listing

1. Spray Painted Walls 2:45

2. Anti Social 1:06

3. Get Loud 2:22

4. Conquer And Divide 2:18

5. I Remember 3:11

6. Dead Silence 2:23

7. AF Stomp 1:29

8. Urban Decay 1:57

9. Snitches Get Stitches 1:47

10. Isolated 1:51

11. In My Blood 2:32

12. Attention 1:49

13. Pull The Trigger 2:00

14. Devastated 2:38


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