After The Burial - Evergreen - Album Review
After The Burial - Evergreen - Album Review9
After The Burial - Evergreen - Album Review9
After The Burial - Evergreen - Album Review9
After The Burial - Evergreen - Album Review9
After The Burial - Evergreen - Album Review9
9Overall Score
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When Extreme Metal meets Progressive Metal and spices thing up a little with outrageous riffs, tasty breakdowns and some very impressive Technical Metal we experience After The Burial. The Twin Cities based five piece have bought 40 minutes of rage to the world under the heading of Evergreen and its going to cause some waves in the Metal pool.

It doesn’t take long for the glorious sounds of Technical Metal to kick in as the album bursts into life with low down chugs and high-pitched string benders before the pace really gets going and the multi layered instrumentals kick in with punchy drums and a vocal that switches between aggressive and screams powers its way across the music. By the end of ‘Behold The Crown’ you know that this album is going to crush, so get ready for the breakdowns and get swinging!

The pace and bluntness of the music created does not slow or stop for a second as the laser precise drum beats blast their way to the forefront, proving that the beat maker is not there just to keep time as the guitars both soar and scythe their way through the industrial noise with the bass being an integral part of the gloriously intricate technicalities. The strings on all the guitars certainly take one hell of a bending and beating as this juggernaut plummets head on into anything in its path

‘In Flux’ is the longest track on the album, weighing in at am impressive 6:05 and begins rather pleasantly allowing for a short breather, maybe a sip of water or beer, before the low-down assault begins again, and Technical dismemberment continues to punish whatever you have left. Bear in mind this only track 4 of 9! The aggressive vocal allows the lyrics to be appreciated whilst having that edge that communicates the passion that they are verbalised with.

Evergreen is full of tracks opportunities to get that air guitar out, have the strap fully extended, get a good wide stance and riff the fuck out as the riffs are next level and the hooks are as chunk as they get. You throat has ever possibility of not lasting the album as you try and keep up and the drumming is intense and precise.

This is a must for any fan of Technical, Progressive, Industrial or Mathcore as After The Burial have placed the scene on notice, they are here to take the throne.


Ed Ford


Evergreen is released April 19th Via Sumerian Records


Track List

01.Behold The Crown
02. Exit, Exist
03. 11/26
04. In Flux
05. Respire
06. Quicksand
07. The Great Repeat
08. To Challenge Existence
09. A Pulse Exchanged


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