Aesthesys stream forthcoming epic album ahead of release Moscow, Russia based progressive, lush neoclassical rock.
Hear & Share Achromata album (Soundcloud) (Treble) (The Spill)


“An ambitious and sprawling work, at times mournful and delicate in its production, in others heroic and powerful… It’s breathtaking, emotional stuff.” — TrebleZine
“A welcome addition to the world of grandiose and magnanimous, yet emotionally dark, post-rock.” — Decibel
“Nothing short of brilliant. Aesthesys are simply very good at creating rich tapestries and balancing all of the elements therein.” — Heavy Blog Is Heavy
Moscow, Russia quintet Aesthesys are streaming their forthcoming sophomore album Achromata in its entirety today ahead of release. Hear and share Achromata in full via TrebleZine (U.S.) and  The Spill Magazine (Canada.) (Direct Soundcloud.)
Band founder and multi-instrumentalist Nik Koniwzski recently shared a collection of songs by artists that have influenced Aesthesys in an interview with Echoes & Dust HERE.
Aesthesys recently were interviewed by Decibel Magazine in which they shared the single “Melanocardia” HERENew Noise Magazine previously launched the album’s first single, “Marea” HEREHeavy Blog Is Heavy recently shared “Grauer Wald” HERE.
Alongside the album’s epic, dramatic tunes, the song titles also coincide with a fictional short story that accompanies the release. Read the full story HERE.

Aesthesys is an instrumental outfit based in Moscow, Russia. Founded by Nik Koniwzski as a one-man project back in 2007, it has eventually evolved into an ensemble performing post-rock music with ambient and neoclassical influences by becoming a quartet in the end of 2011, with Eldar Ferzaliev, Dmitry Solopov and Arsentiy Karpov joining as guitarist, bassist and drummer. By early 2013 band expanded with Victor Krabovich joining as keyboardist.

In the next years Aesthesys performed live across many European countries, including at the biggest post-rock festivals of Europe – dunk!festival (Belgium) and Astral (Russia), and shared the stage with such bands as God is an Astronaut, 65daysofstatic, Maybeshewill, And So I Watch You From Afar, Ef, sleepmakeswaves and many others.

After the release of Ascendere in 2013, their further strive for experimentation eventually resulted in line-up changes, and with Sasha Coudray as a bassist and Nikita Sarukhanov as a drummer they started to work on the material for Achromata, expanding their touring geography with Asia after their solo China Tour in 2016.

In recent years they have worked with Jamie Ward (Maybeshewill, Dark Dark Horse) and Ian Shepherd (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Deep Purple, King Crimson, Keane).

The current lineup consists of Sasha Coudray (bass guitar), Artem Taganov (drums), Eldar Ferzaliev (guitar), Victor Krabovich (guitar, keyboards) and Nik Koniwzski (violin, keyboards, guitar).

Achromata will be available to download on April 3rd, 2018. The LP vinyl version will be released July 7th, 2018 in limited edition on Narshardaa Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.
04/05 Moscow, Russia @ Gorod
04/07 St. Petersburg, Russia @ Fish Fabrique Nouvelle
04/21 Minsk, Belarus @ Brugge
Artist: Aesthesys
Album: Achromata
Label: Self-released
Release Date: April 3rd, 2018
01. Grauer Wald
02. Filis Aureis
03. Marea
04. Himmelbarn
05. Melanocardia
06. Sapatha
07. Apogeion
08. Eosfyllon

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