Aenimus - Dreamcatcher - Album Review
Aenimus - Dreamcatcher - Album Review 8
Aenimus - Dreamcatcher - Album Review 8
Aenimus - Dreamcatcher - Album Review 8
Aenimus - Dreamcatcher - Album Review 8
Aenimus - Dreamcatcher - Album Review 8
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This is a peculiar beast but a beast none the less. It is not very often you that you come across a band as technically sounding while sounding somewhat disjointed, don’t take this as a bad thing as it is far from it,its actually one of its charms, Atmospheric Death Metalcore at its finest. Eleven tracks that are masterfully put together with a mixture of all out Death tempered with clean vocals, eerie harmonies and instrumental interludes that sound like something out of Harry Potter or E.T. The first track ‘Before The Eons’ is a brutal assault on the senses with guttural screaming, pulsating beats and seemingly out of place solos that are amazing.It challenges the senses whilst battering you with a barrage of complex and intricate time changes that leave you breathless.

‘Eterna’l pushes things on at a more grinding pace with a groovy guitar sound, strange but very effective. ‘The Ritual’ gives the full range from absolute horror to savage solos and riffs that would not be out of place on a Rock album to the an orchestral finale, mind boggling but awesome. ‘My Becoming’ is standard Deathcore fare up and down the brutality scale like a fiddlers elbow. ‘Between Iron And Silver’ is an epic overture that starts out nice and mellow and trends to a more Metalcore feel with another symphony closing the song. ‘The Overlook/ is an imposing heavy track infused with a jazzy funky baseline and Steve Vai style guitar. The title and final track Dreamcatcher wraps up things with a tasty instrument filled with sharp guitars and nice melodies.

A challengeing and engaging album, Dreamcatcher is not for the faint hearted. Sheep need not apply.


Dreamcatcher is available everywhere now



1. Before the Eons 4:42
2. Eternal 5:15
3. The Ritual 6:26
4. My Becoming 3:25
5. The Dark Triad 4:39
6. Between Iron and Silver 7:09 7. The Overlook 4:38

8. Caretaker 5:53
9. Second Sight 4:20 10. Day Zero 4:30
11. Dreamcatcher 3:12

Aenimus are

Alex Green                  Vocals

Sean Swafford         Guitar

Jordan Rush                  Guitar

Seth Stone                  Bass

Cody Pulliam         Drums

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