Action/Adventure Release New Single About Being a Band of Color in the Pop Punk Scene

Action/Adventure Release New Single About Being a Band of Color in the Pop Punk Scene

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From the opening line of their new single “Barricades,” Chicago pop- punk group Action/Adventure tackle race in a short, yet profound song that asks; “Would you listen if we looked any different?”

Established in 2014, Chicago’s own Action/Adventure breaks the mold of what a pop punk band “should be.” Finding balance between the upbeat Pop Punk style and lyricism with heavy riffing and a sprinkle of breakdowns, they seamlessly create a sound that is both unique and familiar. Being comprised only of people of color, Action/Adventure pushes the boundaries of the typical image for a band in their genre. They hope to open the door to a diverse audience and bring positive music and awareness to the forefront of the genre.


CREDIT: JV Trammell, Blake Evaristo

Action/Adventure’s new single is a :59 second banger that showcases the bands ability to write thought-provoking lyrics wrapped up in instrumentals that make you bop your head. But it’s not just the music addressing the issue of race in the pop-punk music scene. The accompanying music video shows members of Action/Adventure holding up signs with quotes that have plagued them throughout their lives. “We wanted to provide insight into our experiences growing up as minorities in a scene that lacks diversity,” explains the band, who hope to use the single and video to raise awareness to other POC in the scene. “The way you look shouldn’t affect you showing you’re capable of.

“Barricades” is out today on Spotify and all major streaming platforms.





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