Swedish doomsters Acolytes of Moros make their debut with ”The Wellspring”, a record that consists of five powerful and brooding tracks that sum up the band’s first eight years of existence. Merging their sound with experiences and knowledge, Acolytes of Moros’ music has always been an extension of the musicians involved in the project and lucky are those who have a keen ear, because you might be enlightened!
“The Wellspring” is an album that captures the true spirit of doom. Mastered by Johan Ericson (Draconian, Doom:VS), it’s recommended for fans of Burzum, Revelation and Reverend Bizarre.

Record label: Nine Records
Genre: Doom Metal

Disenthralled fron the Trammels of Deception
A Yen to Relinquish and Evanesce
Venerate the Dead

Christoffer Frylmark – bass, vocals
Simon Carlsson – guitars
Rasmus Jansson – drums

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