Acid Magus Unveils Epic Reworking Of Classic Tracks In New Single “Curse Of The Wyrd Syster

Acid Magus Unveils Epic Reworking Of Classic Tracks In New Single “Curse Of The Wyrd Syster
(Photo Credit – Christelle Duvenage)
Acid Magus, the fearless experimental rock ensemble hailing from Pretoria, South Africa, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, a monumental reworking of two of their original tracks, “Wyrd Syster” and “Rituals” out today via Mongrel Records.

Known for their genre-defying sound, Acid Magus draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of influences, spanning the realms of doom, stoner, punk, psych, and classic rock. Paying homage to rock legends like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, as well as contemporary behemoths like Kyuss and Sleep, the band weaves a sonic tapestry that encapsulates the spirit of rock music across the decades.

The upcoming single, “Curse Of The Wyrd Syster,” is a revisitation of the tracks from Acid Magus’s debut album, also titled “Wyrd Syster.” Originally conceived as a single song, “Wyrd Syster” and “Rituals” were separated for the album release, only to be reunited in a powerful live performance. Now, with the addition of new members Rico on vocals and Bez on guitars, the band has re-recorded the epic track in their current drop C tuning, adding extra layers and new elements to enhance the experience.

The recording process for “Curse Of The Wyrd Syster” maintained Acid Magus’s signature DIY ethos, with a focus on capturing the raw and impassioned energy that defines their live performances. Rico’s vocals, delivered with ease and intensity, showcase the band’s commitment to authenticity. The addition of Bez’s improvised solo and former bassist Jarryd’s synth pads, programmed just before his departure, further elevate the track, creating an immersive and atmospheric journey.

Commenting on the message behind the single, Acid Magus emphasizes that the core theme remains unchanged – “a celebration and reverence for the eternal life symbolized by women.” The band asserts that women should be revered, a sentiment that has resonated since the original release of the tracks.

“Curse Of The Wyrd Syster” not only captures the evolution of Acid Magus’s sound but also serves as a testament to the band’s growth and adaptability. Fans can expect a journey that spans the depths of heavy and soft, slow, and fast, all delivered straight from the heart of Acid Magus.

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