Abstruse started as a band of two members by Substant and Veiler
in 2002.The two members had formed another band before
(1999) . Substant continued solo after the departure of Veiler in 2007. The formation of Abstruse was the materialization of the idea of a music with a mysterious ”dark” feel in it with the inner desire of ‘’enlightenment’’ .Thus the scope of Abstruse music is self-actualizing freedom by the explo-

ration of ”unridden” musical paths.

The psychedelic images that are used are adding a surreal element
to the eerie fx’s and sounds that guitars or other guitar-like instruments
produce. The mixture of live instruments with programming, binaural recordings, and electronic sounds give notice to the broad elements that Abstruse use.
There are also various combinations of musical styles: Metal guitars, black metal tremolo riffs, contrast the 20th century composers’ music, electronica, drum n bass and soundtrack music with a variation in the usage of modal-systems, eerie scales such as diminished(half-tone, tone…)or atonal and serial system musical forms.

The further scope of an expansion of the analogic relationship between musical forms and visual ones, hopes to bring an interrelated musical-video art in the near

future of Abstruse.

.Recordings so far:

‘Neuronal Paths’ demo (never released) , 2003 ‘Transgression'(promo cd-video art dvd), 2007 ‘Ivory Tower ‘ (full length),2010
‘Earthbound’ (full length), 2012

‘Space Twofold: (double full length) ,
‘Outer Space Inner Void’, ‘Inner Space Outer Void’, 2014 ‘Submerge: Ritual’ (full length), 2019

Bandcamp : https://abstruse.bandcamp.com/


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/substant9/

SHAMANIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcBbCJlvJ8s SUBMERGE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCPAaiZjFDI&t=2s

UPCOMING RELEASE: ‘Submerge: Ritual ‘ Release date: December 6, 2019

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Αvailable on : https://abstruse.bandcamp.com for free download until 31.12.19



Most schools of scholar thought set as the ‘Pan-Ritual’
the process of the death and resurrection of the God-King.

This all embracing story was unfolded through ‘Submerge: Ritual’ unconsciously with the piece segments order being always identical with that Pan-ritual order.

With the addition of the last piece-‘Ceremonial Celestial’,
a piece that was added from impulse when all other tracks
had been finished, the ritual process completes the unconscious Pan-ritual narrative truthfully, with the rise of the new king.

Pieces Order and their relation to the Pan-Ritual

SUBMERGE = descend

IDENTITY= question of true id.

SELF-ANNIHILATION= symbolic death

INTRADIMENSIONAL/LUST/THE EVER RETURN= The journey, barriers and recognitions

SHAMANIC= Fight in the underworld for the healing process to emerge

PARABRAHMAN =healing comes through meditative silence

CEREMONIAL CELESTIAL= Rebirth/re-emerging of the godlike purified king with the newly acquired liberating knowledge.

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