ABSTRACTER – ABOMINION: American Apocalyptic Black/Doom Metal Harbingers Announce Light-Devouring Fourth Album


American Apocalyptic Black/Doom Metal Harbingers Announce Light-Devouring Fourth Full-Length Album – Track Premiered At No Clean Singing And Metalitalia.com.

We’re proud to renew our long running partnership with American apocalyptic Black/Doom metal harbingers Abstracter as we prepare the release of their fourth full-length LP “Abominion”, the band’s most accomplished, intimidating and imposing album to date, scheduled for release in early October via Sentient Ruin worldwide.

To coincide with the release of pre-orders, “Eclipse Born”, the first and opening track from the album has been unveiled by No Clean Singing for America and Metalitalia for Europe, with NCS appropriately explaining that:

“Within this vortex of pummeling percussion and gale-strength abrasion, shimmering and glittering tones pierce through in fiery frenzies, the music ascends in a display of towering and hideous magnificence, and stomps like a leviathan through a field of skulls once more. What an apocalyptic upheaval the song is! To use different metaphors, it’s like tectonic plates crushing together beneath the earth’s surface while the stars fall, wailing. And when the music begins to race, it’s simultaneously electrifying and harrowing, a scouring and screaming sandstorm gale that strips flesh from bone, with rhythms that ruinously smash boulders to rubble, to the accompaniment of truly terrorizing vocals.”

You can check out both features HERE and HERE.

“Abominion” is a ghastly forty-minute hellscape of lightless crush-depth deep inside the darkest abysses of the apocalypse. Extreme and devastating in every sense possible, the soul-crushing album sees the enigmatic American band elevate their long lasting apocalyptic concept to its scariest and most overwhelming extremes yet, coercing the harshest strains of black and doom metal with ravaging scarifications of noise and droning dark ambient into a bleak and suffocating sonic cataclysm of complete darkness and annihilation. In its imposing and terrifying forty minutes “Abominion” obliterates all sense of hope in the listener and casts a harrowing vision into a dark future of total doom and torment where the last human life forms scavenge a devastated radioactive twilight buried in ash and ruins as dark forces of mysterious origin surround them and crush them under the inescapable heel of armageddon. Distilled from pure pessimism and misanthropy, the album’s daunting concept establishes mankind as a parasitic scourge or delusional rogue pestilence or antichrist-like figure and is told in the form of memories, precognitions, reckonings and regret within the human race as concepts like environmental collapse, war, militarism, religious fanaticism, pollution, deviated industrialism, fatalism, greed, avarice, evil, and delusions of glory are littered throughout the artwork and lyrics to help the listener grapple with the complete ruin and darkness they are immersed in through the music.

Known for forging their imposing and ominous sound across a massive spectrum of influences that include apocalyptic and eschatological literature and fiction, Abstracter’s otherworldly and monstrous strain of apocalyptic blackened doom contains influences coming from unforgettable dark metal and punk bands like Celtic Frost and TryptykonGodfleshKhanateCorruptedLeviathanSwansSunn O)))AmebixBlut Aus NordThe Ruins of BeverastPortalDystopia, and Disembowelment as well as from certain underground scholars of dark ambient and industrial noise that the band have meticulously distilled and reworked into their sound over the last decade to forge a completely unheard of and unclassifiable colossal aural weapon of mass extinction

Recorded and mixed once again by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (Autopsy, Vastum, Undergang, Acephalix, Necrot, etc.) here in Oakland and mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone in Minnesota, “Abominion” is by all means the most curated Sentient Ruin release ever conceived, scheduled for an October 1 2021 release date. The album introduces new members Justin Ennis behind the drum kit (Vale, Ulthar, ex-Mutilation Rites, ex-Tombs), and G. on bass (ex-Mefitic) and will be available in a high end packaging for all formats with unseen levels of curation and detail, including black, glow in the dark and marbled 180gr vinyl, printed inner sleeves and gatefold jacket for all vinyl versions and the CD edition, A2 poster and slipcase for the limited vinyl editions, silkscreened slipcase for the tape edition, OBI and download card to lossless audio and PDF inlay and lyric sheet for all formats. A Japanese CD release will be also available soon from Obliteration Records, while exclusive merch including hoodies, shirts, pins and patches will be available from the band.

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