Aborted // La Grande Mascarade // EP Review
Aborted // La Grande Mascarade // EP Review8
Aborted // La Grande Mascarade // EP Review8
Aborted // La Grande Mascarade // EP Review8
Aborted // La Grande Mascarade // EP Review8
Aborted // La Grande Mascarade // EP Review8
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Since their forming on 1995, Aborted have not been a band that rests on their laurels, nor pull any punches as the Death Metal veterans build on their ten studio albums by way of this three-track EP, which is made up of two new songs and a previously unreleased track from the TerrorVision recording sessions, with the same album being the bands latest full-length release and was unleashed in 2018.

So what do the self-named “sonic mass murderers” have in store for us on this limited release, any fans of Aborted will already be prepared for what is about to smash them square between the eyes, however for those who somehow have not enjoyed the brutality before, I hope you are ready to get torn up.

Opening with ‘Gloom and the Art of Tribulation’ and a narrative intro, the chaos begins with a high pitched riff that pierces the deep guitars and the pummeling drums along with a deep and growling vocal that any fans of Brutal Death will be used to, however for those less familiar with the sound, the brutality may take a few by surprise. The guitars work on the solo is fantastic and the drums are non-stop punishment whilst the choppy guitars provide the sick base for everything to be built upon.

‘Serpent of Depravity’ follows up with another breakneck-paced assault on your sense, the drums are as quick and powerful as you will experience and the guitars are slicing through the blasting beats tearing away at your resolve as the vocal continues to be deep and brutal.

‘Funeral Malediction’ closes this short but wonderfully aggressive offering and continues to smash you around from pillar to post and laugh as it does it. The sound and style is the same as the other tracks, simply it will make you question your body’s resilience, however, will also make the new listeners to the band question why they have never experienced Aborted before.

This 12-minute offering is a snapshot into the world of the Brutal Death veterans and is the perfect addition to any fans collection whilst also being a bite-sized introduction for those strange folk who haven’t experienced the band before.

Ed Ford

La Grande Mascarade will be released April 17th, 2020 via Century Media.


Track List

  1. Gloom and the Art of Tribulation
  2. Serpent of Depravity
  3. Funeral Malediction





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