ABBATH drummer Ukri Suvilehto
releases drum cam video for
“Bridge of Spasms”

ABBATH drummer Ukri Sulivehto has released a drum cam video for the song “Bridge of Spasms”. The video was recorded in February this year in Club Progresja in Warsaw (PL), during the European tour with label mates 1349 and VLTIMAS. The video can be found on the Youtube Channel of Drummers From Hell HERE.

Ukri comments: ” “Bridge of Spasms” is an highly energetic track and one of my favorite songs to play live. It’s also the first song that we started working on together for our latest album ‘Outstrider’, during my debut rehearsals with ABBATH early 2018. During our recent Outstrider 2020 European tour, “Drummers From Hell” Youtube drum channel filmed our show in Warsaw. We picked “Bridge of Spasms” to make the video of, because it represents our newer sound and the unifying sonic power that the ABBATH band can perpetrate on stage”.

‘Outstrider’ was released via Season of Mist on July 5, 2019. The album is still available HERE.

ABBATH – “Bridge of Spasms” drum cam 
The coverartwork of ‘Outstrider’, which was created by Kim Holm and Olav Iversen, can be found below, together with the track list.
Track listing:
1. Calm in Ire (Of Hurricane) (04:32)
2. Bridge of Spasms (03:49)
3. The Artifex (04:09)
4. Harvest Pyre (04:12)
5. Land of Khem (04:08)
6. Outstrider (05:39)
7. Scythewinder (04:17)
8. Hecate (04:25)
9. Pace till Death (BATHORY cover) (03:41)
Total: 38:52
Abbath – Vocals & guitars
Ole Andre Farstad -Guitars
Ukri Suviletho – Drums
Rusty Cornell – Bass


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