“Opiate,” is the newest single from rising Metalcore band, VALLEYS, and is singer Jayson Mitchell’s personal reflection on how drug addiction has affected his life and the lives of the people around him. Drug addiction is an epidemic and does not discriminate whose life it chooses to enter.
Mitchell states, “I watched friends, even some family members go through the struggles of addiction and even battled with alcoholism myself in my late teens and early 20’s. This song if for all of those people.” VALLEYS hopes that this song will help people find a light in their darkness and to let them know that someone out there knows your struggle. You are not alone.
Listen to “Opiate” HERE


For most bands, releasing their debut full length is a moment they work their entire lives for. For Raleigh, NC’s VALLEYS it couldn’t have mattered less. Why? One week before the inevitable record release, their vocalist Mikey Clement suddenly passed away in a horrific car crash. With the enormous support of friends, family and fans, the band continued to put out the record and do justice for the fallen singers songs. The real questions was…what was next for the metalcore roars of VALLEYS?

One word. Persevere.

VALLEYS regrouped with Jayson Mitchell stepping up as lead vocalist and solidified their current lineup with Rj Riggle (Guitar), Will Shoe (Guitar), Nick Raimondi (Bass) and Robert Meikle (Drums).

Following the release of their debut full length Experiment One: Asylum in 2016 and subsequent tragedies, VALLEYS picked up the pieces and climbed out of their own proverbial valleys only to use their bonds over past trials and tribulations to create their most explosive release to date. In August 2019, VALLEYS proudly announced that they signed with Tragic Hero Records, the label that launched the careers of Alesana, A Skylit Drive, ERRA, and many more.

On VALLEYS’ new album, Fearless, the band has demonstrated they have a knack for writing raw, unadulterated emotional songs that are both vicious and heartfelt. The twelve-track is album is rife full of symbolism that tears open today’s tumultuous political climate and social unrest. VALLEYS makes it a point to express their solidarity with those who don’t fall into the same cookie cutter norms as everyone else. They ultimately attempt to empathize with a struggle that is not their own. A self-imposed mantra of never turning a blind eye to injustice by standing on the sidelines, they believe you must use your own voice to speak up for those that cannot be heard. Being the voice of the voiceless is a hard task that VALLEYS intends to see through on what may be their career defining album Fearless.

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