A Life Divided // Echoes // Album Review
A Life Divided // Echoes // Album Review 8
A Life Divided // Echoes // Album Review 8
A Life Divided // Echoes // Album Review 8
A Life Divided // Echoes // Album Review 8
A Life Divided // Echoes // Album Review 8
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If something a little different is what you are seeking for your next musical adventure, then I introduce ​A Life Divided ​and their latest album ​Echoes​. Hard rock with an eighties mix and some aggression is the best way to describe these guys. When I say the eighties however we are talking full synth rather than the melodic sound of bands such as ​Bon Jovi ​or Whitesnake​. Right from the first track, it’s a perfect example of what to expect throughout the rest of the album. With aggressive riffs and beats there’s this light electronic sound scattered throughout. If you want something a little lighter and more melodic however “Addicted” is the answer.

“Finiteness is threatening when we love and live, but it can also be comforting when we grieve, experience hurt or have been disappointed. But there is always an echo, a quiet reminder, of what was.” – Jürgen Plangger (A Life Divided)

There is a light and bouncy sound to this track which gives a feel-good quality to the track. The band takes another turn however as the third track starts with much darker energy. There is still a good amount of synths that are laid behind this much darker vocal sound. It’s safe to say this is a band that will keep you on your toes throughout the cycle of an album. From the lighter, bouncier tracks such as “Rock’n’roll Star” to the much darker and heavier “Servant”, A Life Divided know how to play with their sound to create something consistently interesting and different. The vocals are clean over the tracks and choice of effects are not overdone but spaced throughout in just the right amount. These effects also work perfectly with the synths and this electro sound which makes these guys stand out for all the right reasons.

All in all ​Echoes​ is a great album if you want to be kept on your toes and enjoy a wide range of sounds and techniques.


A LIFE DIVIDED’s new album ‘Echoes’  will be released on January 31st on Digipak, limited edition colored vinyl, limited edition Box Set.



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