A Killer’s Confession Release Cover of Sepultura’s 1996 Classic “Roots Bloody Roots”

Release Cover of Sepultura’s 1996 Classic
“Roots Bloody Roots”
Check out the video: https://youtu.be/hiRiOTYsYj0
A Killer’s Confession, the band led by vocalist Waylon Reavis, released Sepultura’s classic hit “Roots Bloody Roots” today. The original song was part of Sepultura‘s “Roots” album released 27 years ago this month. The video is directed by Alex Hatrix and music is performed and arranged by Dusty Boles and Hayden Helms.
On why they covered “Roots Bloody Roots”Waylon Reavis comments: Releasing this song is an Honor.  In my humble opinion I feel this is the best tribute I can give to Sepultura and Max Cavalera as a thank you for everything they have given me as a listener throughout the years.  Sepultura is one of the reasons I wanted to become a singer/songwriter.  I wanted to do them justice by adding a flavor with a new sound but staying true to what the song is. This is and will forever be one of my top 10 songs in my playlist.  I hope everyone enjoys my rendition.
The band also announced they will be heading back to Inkcarceration this July where they will be performing on Friday, July 14th!
A Killer’s Confession have released three albums since forming Unbroken (2017), The Indifference of Good Men (2019) and Remember (2021). They have also released several singles. A new album is forthcoming.
Waylon Reavis – Vocals
JP Cross – Bass
Shawn Iannazzo – Guitar
Lee Hutt – Drums
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