US-based metalcore outfit A Burden To Bear has just premiered the band’s brand new video single – the powerful and dynamic “Which Witch Is Which”! A combination and mixture of comprehensible instrumental elements and inspiring thunderous guitar riffs, outlined by diversified vocal lines portraying a story about the negative impact that the toxicity between two people in a relationship can have on one’s mentality, this track confidently avoids any association with well-established clichés and formulaic tendencies within its respective genre by naturally combining striding melodies and driven riffing throughout its duration. Showcasing a significant and natural ability for utilization of defiant, aggressive rhythms, massive and distinguishable atmosphere and anthemic choruses relying on upholding clean vocals, “Which Witch Is Which” clearly contains all positive aspects of a song that present a credible piece of material and establishes A Burden To Bear as a formation, which is only yet to reach its full creative potential and capacity in the future.
Watch the video for “Which Witch Is Which” by clicking on the image below.
A Burden To Bear provides further explanation regarding the single’s meaning and characteristics: “This song is telling the listener that even if things get bad, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if your heart is 100% in it, it may not work out if both parties aren’t invested. You may even have to let things go for the benefit of your mental health, even if it hurts. The theme of the song kind of stemmed from a verbally abusive relationship that Joe was in a few years ago. Even after the split, he was targeted by passive aggressive insults and social media posts, which really took a toll on him, hence we wanted “Which Witch Is Which” to feel frantic, yet heavy to accurately portray the story that Joe is telling the listener.”

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