Metalcore outfit A Burden To Bear kickstarts the next stage of its professional development and evolution with the thunderous and compelling new single – “Forlorn Hope”! Resulting in a cohesive blend of appropriate instrumental components and masterfully-crafted composition flow throughout the duration of the track, “Forlorn Hope”produced by Justin Aufdemkampe of Miss May I and Joseph McQueen – utilizes A Burden To Bear’s intuitive ability and musicianship capacity in the process of expressing and showcasing an emotional story about frustration, realization and overcoming personal perceptions in order to find an inner peace and lead a better life. Through imposing and intense guitar parts collaborating with a constantly altering dynamic and diversified vocal lines, transforming between powerful deliveries to memorable clean passages, the track ultimately delivers a notable example of the significant potential of A Burden To Bear to combine meaning and talent in one complete, utmost metalcore product.
Watch the video for “Forlorn Hope” by clicking on the image below.
A Burden To Bear presents additional explanation regarding the meaning and characteristics of “Forlorn Hope”: “This song was written about people that only care about you when it benefits them, whether it be in the long or the short term. It is about analyzing your situation, determining why you feel the way that you do, and making the decision that will benefit your life in the most positive way possible. Lyrically, it really drives home the point that sometimes you have to grow up and realize you cannot force someone to care about you, no matter how much you would like to. You have to make peace with the idea of moving on with your life and that you will be better off surrounding yourself with people who will lift you up, rather than tear you down. You may wish with every fiber of your being that things would go back to the way that they once were, but that’s not typically how reality works. Not every chapter ends happily, but if you can’t move past negativity and heartbreak your story will no longer progress. You have to let go of anger and forgive those who have wronged you in order to find inner peace and move forward.”

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