“One of the country’s most compelling new talents.” – Hot Press

20-year-old newcomer Crybabyamy aims to normalise every kind of emotion through her pop-based music. She is writing, producing and singing her way to removing the shame that comes with being somebody who spontaneously bursts into tears at the worst of times – and we’ve all been there. Mixing influences such as SHY MartinPVRISGraceyAdele and Julia Michaels, her raw, emotive style will speak to fans of Holly HumberstoneBillie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo.

Today sees Crybabyamy share her new single ‘Validation’, which is her first release since signing a major publishing deal with BMG‘Validation’ is an alt-pop anthem for a generation of young adults who struggle to find a balance between the connection that social media provides, and the overwhelming attention that it demands. Listen HERE.

Crybabyamy says, “‘Validation’ is a song about being obsessed with the attention we get from posting and being on social media. I see it as an anthem for young people, who are going through the motions of having a love/hate relationship with social media. I know I struggle with the vicious cycle of picking up my phone and putting it down again. Always chasing validation!” 

‘Validation’ was written and produced by Amy in her modest home studio, and was then completed with additional production from Rob Milton (Holly HumberstoneMaisie PetersThe 1975).

As you might predict after hearing ‘Validation’, Crybabyamy takes an unconventional approach to her social and streaming platforms. She might be depicted in animated form or in ink, or will pose in a way that masks her identity. That approach is partly about simply making things comfortable for herself, but it’s just as much about choosing to sidestep an intense online environment in which the eternal scroll makes everyone’s identity blur into anonymity.

Raised in IrelandAmy spent more of her teens in Stratford-upon-Avon before eventually returning. She started playing a miniature keyboard as a child, before she started to make her own music at the age of 14. As the usual high school social nonsense crept in, Amy opted out: the friendship games, the who’s-in-and-who’s-outs, the toxicity and the drama all held little appeal. Instead, she retreated into her simple home studio set-up to learn how to write and produce her own music.

She debuted during the turbulence of 2020 with two songs, ‘process’ and ‘nobody hears from me anymore’, both of which were released on her own Crybaby Records label. They provided a first insight into an artist who is ready to portray the rawest of emotions in her music – but who is also happy to let her music speak for itself.

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