“2.0” by Field Day (ex Dag Nasty) out June 5, 2020

The beauty of good solid hardcore tunes is that there are no boundaries as to who can write them. Take for example Dag Nasty. Not long out of their teens and having cut their teeth in some of the best bands ever, they continued to write and hit after hit. The lineup changed as the Dag Nasty sound developed, they carried on being absolute leaders, not followers. I could honestly still listen to Wig Out at Denko’s or Field Day every day and not get bored. So when two of the driving forces behind those recordings announced they had some new material about to drop damn, right I was excited.

The great news is that Field Day (the band) have got it nailed. They have managed to retain the sound and feel of those earlier albums, without recycling or rehashing old ideas. These two songs are fresh and uplifting and every bit as good as I would have hoped.  Searching for the Answers starts off furiously with a pounding old school hardcore beat before locking into a mid-paced groove while the second tune We Are the Change is a bit slower, with some fantastic, melodic guitar breaks that we capture exactly what you want to hear. Both songs have big singalong chorus, designed to put a huge smile on your face. Expectations not just fulfilled, but smashed into pieces. Welcome back! Tom Chapman.

Field Day 2.0  – June 5th, 2020 – Vinyl / Digital format

Unity Worldwide Records / Sense Of Place Records

Distributed by : Cortex ( Europe ) RevHQ ( USA )

Track 1 Searching For The Answers  https://bit.ly/34MBx8e



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