156/Silence // Irrational Pull (Deluxe) // Album Review

156/Silence is an incredibly new band on my radar, after only just hearing about them when they signed to my favorite current label Sharptone Records. With the upcoming release of Irrational Pull (deluxe), there’s no better time to jump into the band.

From the first moments of the album, High Dive in a Low Well grabs hold and refuses to let go with its incredibly unique clean vocals mixed with dissonant guitar squeals and topped off with harsh screams that just create this uncomfortable feeling of pain and anger that carries over the next few tracks. Track 4 Upset, Unfed blends Mathcore and Beatdown into an intense, brutal display of musicianship that just had me feeling the urge to Two-Step till the walls around me collapsed, which was just amplified with track 5 Lost Visual.

The next few songs passed by until my attention was genuinely grabbed again by the album’s title track Irrational Pull. I’d safely say this is the best introductory song for the band with its the perfect blend of everything the album to this point. Showcasing the sheer uniqueness to the vocals, the fairly experimental guitar work, the pounding drums that when paired with the fantastic bass, just everything about this track works perfectly in unison. Track 10 then worked so well as a refreshing change to the established style from across the record with a truly phenomenal vocal performance that effortlessly slides into your ears before the brutal screams come back for a punch straight to the gut. The final song I want to mention is the closing song of the album, Them Bones, which is just a short, swift kick to the face of aggression that brings the release full circle, as well as adding in a hint of Nu-Metal with the groove-filled instrumentals.

Irrational Pull, while being a truly great album, is one that I’m finding it difficult to recommend to a general audience. The sound is jarring, abrasive, and hits like a chainsaw, but it’s also not going to be a release that everyone is going to appreciate. I certainly have to praise the band for coming out with an album in the Metalcore genre that sounds so unique and experimental though, especially in a time where the majority of releases sound the exact same as everything that came before them.
Overall, 156/Silence has a truly great album here that while I don’t think will appeal to everyone, has the potential to put them in the spotlight. Check out the title track Irrational Pull and if you like what you hear, you will love this album.


Review: Daniel Stapleton



1. High Dive In A Low Well 2:39

2. God’s Departure 2:14
3. Taste Of Ashes 4:08
4. Upset, Unfed 2:24

5. Lost Visual 3:29
6. Problem Addict 3:49
7. Conflict Of Interest 2:37
8. By A Thread, I Suspend 3:01

9. Irrational Pull 3:58
10. Denouement 4:26
11. Vexation 3:20
12. No Angel 4:31
13. Them Bones 2:30


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