1349 // The Infernal Pathway // Album Review
1349 // The Infernal Pathway // Album Review10
1349 // The Infernal Pathway // Album Review10
1349 // The Infernal Pathway // Album Review10
1349 // The Infernal Pathway // Album Review10
1349 // The Infernal Pathway // Album Review10
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In 1997 rising like a dark phoenix of Alvheim and releasing their incredible debut Liberation in 2003, 1349 gained a huge reputation for their take on Black Metal and with the follow up of Beyond The Apocalypse in 2004 and Hellfire in 2005 further solidifying them as one of the premier aggressive, rapid-fire, blackened bands everyone was eager to see what came next.

The following chapter was to be the first without founding member Tjalve and the band became a 4 piece, temporarily filling the gap if needed by guest musicians and then in 2009 Revelations of the Black Flame was unleashed swiftly followed by Demonoir in 2010 and then the 2013 release of Massive Cauldron of Chaos which brings us to The Internal Pathway.

From the opening winds of the album and guitars that follow, it is easy to see that the musicality is going to be spot on, and then the heat is turned up as we hit breakneck speeds, matched by chainsaw guitars and an abrasive vocal that grates perfectly over the wall of dark noise. The evil oozes from the opening track ‘Abyssos Antithesis’ as the solos cut through and create additional chaos.

This frenzied and dark assault is what we love from the band and get used to the idea of more as the incredibly powerful and scorched sound doesn’t hold up for one second as The Infernal Pathway picks you up and takes you on a terrifying yet incredible journey through the wastelands, with this Thrash paced yet certainly Black Metal sounding beast taking no prisoners.

‘Towers Upon Towers’ straddles the halfway mark of this 11 track, 44-minute behemoth and provides the opportunity for the wandering guitars to really come to the fore and the freezing vocal to cast its chilly magic in its full glory.

‘Dødskamp’ rolls in at track 9 and has already been released so many will know the force that it brings, having been created in 2018 and being based on a painting by Edvard Munch, this album version packs a huge punch, and although the pace feels slightly different, it casts a deeper spell on the mind.

The Infernal Pathway is simply stunning and has to be a serious contender for Album Of The Year. It is powerful, twisted and dark, bringing unrelenting Black Metal at its finest. It is a joy to listen to and will be regularly spun by the masses.


Ed Ford


The Infernal Pathway is released on October 18th via Season of Mist.

Track List

1. Abyssos Antithesis (5:30)

2. Through Eyes of Stone (3:24)

3. Tunnel of Set VIII (0:47)

4. Enter Cold Void Dreaming (3:59)

5. Towers Upon Towers (4:50)

6. Tunnel of Set IX (1:06)

7. Deeper Still (4:13)

8. Striding the Chasm (6:11)

9. Dødskamp (5:01) (album edit)

10. Tunnel of Set X (0:53)

11. Stand Tall in Fire (8:09)






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