We recently reviewed their awesome greatest hits collection Scream – The Essentials which showcased a glittering 20 year career and marked an anniversary of sorts that needed to be celebrated, whats the best way to do that? Hit the road with friends. Check out our review here :



Ahead of their upcoming UK and European Tour In Support of Alien Ant Farm, we thought it was time to talk turkey with Tim king about all things Soil.

RNL – Congratulations on celebrating your 20yr Anniversary as a band, did you ever expect that when you guys got together you would still be together doing your thang?


“No, we never thought it would last this long.  It’s been one hell of a ride!”


RNL – You guys forged a reputation for yourselves early on landing yourselves a major record deal and a highly successful debut album, that all happened pretty quick. What was that experience like for you as a young band being thrusted into the limelight?


“It was very surreal and amazing.  To go from being a local band in Chicago to touring the world and selling tons of albums… and then landing a Silver award in the UK for “Scars”; was just mind blowing.  We went from playing a couple hundred seater clubs to touring arenas with Ozzy and Rob Zombie in a matter of months.  Some of the best days of my life!”


RNL – You guys went from grafting to supporting artists like Ozzy Osbourne & Rob Zombie as you say. That must have been a huge learning curve for yourselves?


“We fell into it pretty easily.  The Ozzy and Zombie camps were very good to us and treated us really well.  They took us under their wings and showed us the ropes.  They are true professionals and it is a testament as to why they are still as big now as they both ever were.”


RNL – I recently interviewed an up and coming band who toured in support of a major artist and they said that they took the time to walk them through the pitfalls of life on the bigger stage as well; those artists you supported offered sage advice on your new found fame clearly, but did any others?


“For sure, it wasn’t just those guys.  Staind were really good to us as well. Same with Static-x. We have been lucky to support some great artists in our day.”


RNL – Did the success of your major label debut album “Scars” bring added pressure to the writing of the follow up?


“Yes for sure.  We wanted to write a better album than “Scars” and prove ourselves as not just a “one hit wonder”.  I think though that as a result, we over thought that “Redefine” album too much.  We should have kept it more innocent and raw like “Scars” but we were under a great amount of pressure.  I love that album but I think we could have been a little more relaxed when doing it.  It would have flowed a bit better.”


RNL – When you look back now do you feel that you guys had it all under control in those days, or was it young naïveté that got you guys through?


“We were idiots back in the day.  We worried about all the wrong things.  We used to get so upset about dumb little things instead of focusing on the big picture. But we had a great time too! We got to experience what maybe 1% of all musicians get to.  We toured the world and opened for some of the biggest bands ever.  It was an amazing time and the ride of our lives.”


RNL – From 1997 to 2017 the music industry and Rock / Metal music has changed / evolved so much also, during that time was there ever any temptation to deviate from your grass roots to remain current / relevant in the changing times?


“On our “True Self” album I feel like we did feel the need to go “Heavy” because all these metal core bands were dominating the scene. It was probably the right thing to do at the time and the record did well (especially in Europe), but in hindsight, we should have probably taken a break after “Redefine” and kept the band intact with Ryan on vocals.  We were pushing ourselves too hard back then and we all reached a pressure point.  If we would have relaxed and taken a year off, we would have been better off and been able to keep the original line together I think.  But we didn’t and we pushed forward harder than ever.”


RNL – As a band with your longevity thus far is it hard to keep your sound cohesive as your fans mature / as you guys mature and the band develops over a 20yr period?


“These days we really keep it fun and less stressful.  There is always stress and work being in a band, but we don’t sweat over the little things anymore.  We know who we are, we know our fans, we know what needs to get done.  The band now and this line up is the best it has ever been.  We all get along, have a good time, and there is no drama. That’s important and I believe the fans can see that.”


RNL – You have regurgitated a few of your older numbers on the latest album, bringing new life to them once again, did your choice of tracks just lend themselves to that process or was it a careful process of elimination?


“We just kind of went for it.  Picked the hits.  Dug up the archives.  It was fun to re-visit those old songs.”


RNL – Are there any particular highlights that you look back on in particular over the previous 20 years?


“Halo”, “Unreal”, “Redefine”, “Pride”, “My Time”, “Shine On”…… They’re all important landmark tracks in our career.”


RNL – You guys are hitting the road and back in the UK in February; are you looking forward to Rocking out again in front of your old school UK fans?


“We can’t wait!  Will be awesome!”


RNL – Any special memories of your time in the UK over the years?


“The best memories, yes.  Our UK fans are the greatest.  They stuck with us during all the ups and downs.  We love ya!”


RNL – Is there anywhere that you have yet to play that you will cover on this upcoming tour or somewhere you would love to play?


“Oddly we have never been to Japan.  I’d love to play there just once.”


RNL – What lies ahead for Soil, have you guys given any thought to your next studio album yet?


“We have some new material. We are gonna tour on this “SCREAM: The Essentials” release and celebrate the 20 years for a while.  Then, when the time is right we will begin thinking on new stuff.  The greatest thing about surviving 20 years is that we can do what we want, when we want these days!”

Big thanks to Tim for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat with us here at Rock ‘N’ Load World HQ!


Soil Tour With AAF + Local H

Soil Tour With AAF + Local H



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