The Non Talkers talk a lot to Rock N Load during lockdown #2

So for anyone unfamiliar with yourself, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here

Marco Brantner – Me and my Belgian wife, Evita Brantner are the core of the Non Talkers. In 2014 we’ve started together a band named Brantner but after, with the recording of our latest EP and finally finding a sound and image that defines us we’ve decided to change our name to Non Talkers. We have a good group of musician friends that perform and record with us, so despite the duo being the face of the project we consider ourselves a band.

What’s Happening Now?

We are promoting our latest single “Fire burning in my veins” which belongs to the EP “Pendulum of time”

A 3-Year Effort In 3 minutes And 30 Seconds Of Pop Folk

Fire (Burning In My Veins) is the most critically acclaimed release by the pop-folk band, the Non Talkers. The record bestows the perennial beauty of true love while based on a real story between the two core members, Marco Brantner and Evita Brantner. And yes, the two share the same last name as they’re husband and wife. And not just your regular couple either. Marco and Evita both write their songs and communicate with each other in English, while the first comes from Portugal and the latter from Belgium.

The two vocalists and songwriters state that Fire (Burning In My Veins) was by far the most challenging record they’ve ever brought to fruition. The production process lasted a staggering three years and required multiple re-recordings. As fate would have it, the record was concluded only when the Non Talkers met the drummer Hugo Danin, one of the top hired guns in the industry (Hugo’s background includes attending repeatedly the Drummers Collective in New York, founding his ownschool and creative center, and having worked with over 30 famous acts). Danin recruited an entire team of musicians to refine the song’s sound and used another equally eminent name, Joao Bessa, as the sound engineer.

The end result is a mesmerizing indie-folk-with-a-touch-of-pop record. Fire (Burning In My Veins) received generally positive reviews from critics. Music Insider wrote “The record depends largely on acoustics and on the contrasting male and female voices. Evita’s emotive vocals add a beautifully nostalgic depth to the composition”. Blue Rhymez Entertainment stated “Fire (Burning In My Veins) is a romantic yet optimistic record flooded with personal revelations reserved exclusively for those who patiently digest every second of it.” The Static Dive affirmed “The record features heartfelt lyrics, keen pop sensibilities, and the Brantners’ signature dual-lead vocal crystal clear harmonies. The knowledge that the two people singing the song are actually a happily married couple adds further credence to the premise.”

The Non Talkers have gained traction for Fire (Burning In My Veins) through the song’s sheer, organic force. Their fans and supporters come from having either seen the band perform live or from having simply heard the record played on the radio. The tune is also the leading single of the band’s first official EP, Pendulum Of Time.

Fire (Burning In My Veins) is the one record that musically best describes the Non Talkers: an upbeat indie motif with commercial tendencies, easily memorable hook and verses, illustriously harmonized voices, palpably positive energy. Fans of indie folk, acoustic pop, country music will rejoice from the very first listen.


What is next for you?

We are recording a new album and meantime also exploring the experience of live streaming. Every Tuesday at 7 pm (London time) we perform in an acoustic format on the following link:

Who are your influences and inspiration?

Marco Brantner (singer/songwriter) – One by U2. This was one of the tracks that really got into my soul, I couldn’t stop listening to it.

The Non

Evita Brantner (singer/songwriter) – Killing me softly with his song by the Fugees. Was the first song as a child that I loved to sing along.

Filipe Alturas – (piano player) – Your song by Elton John. The starting piano riff of that song is responsible for my fascination about the piano. When I had my first I would spend hours trying to discover the melodies from it.

João Rangel (Bass player) – Vacuity by Gojira. Was definitely my biggest discover! I love everything in it, from the lyrics to the rhythm and melody.

Jorge Rasteiro (Guitar player) – Run to the hills by Iron Maiden. I was blown away by the amazing sound of the guitars. That’s the band that led me to start playing the electric guitar.

Ricardo Pereira (Drumer) – When the levee breaks by Led Zeppelin. The guitar riff with that hard slow beat amazing sound of drums made if for me. I knew from that moment that drums was going to be my instrument.


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