Emmie our intrepid reporter caught up with the awesome Frankly’s at their recent gig at The underground Bradford, You can check out that review here https://rocknloadmag.com/gigs/the-franklys-live-the-underground-bradford/

She reviewed their recent release ‘Are You Listening’ and loved it so she was keen to catch the girls live and chat about their highly regarded release and the future for the Frankly’s.

Check out the album review here – https://rocknloadmag.com/album-review/the-franklys-are-you-listening-album-review/ 


So your first album, that has to be pretty exciting

Lexi: Nah (laughter)

Jen:Very exciting. It was a really long time coming. We started recording it last June and before that it was all about getting all the tracks ready and everything so it just feels really good to have that product


What were your influences behind the album?

Jen:Well what we wanted for the album was for it to kinda capture our live performance so we wanted a really energetic vibe and colourful album.

Zoe:I think our kinda main influences are like The Hives, Queens of the Stone Ages, Yeah Yeah Yeahs that sort of raw sound. So we just wanted to get it on record really because before we haven’t really been able to capture the energy we have like on stage. That was really difficult to get it in a studio setting because your just sort it f stood there or sat there, you not jumping around like you would on stage.

Jen:We had to do that for a bit (laughter) get energised .


Have you found it difficult being an all girl band in a mainly male main stream industry?

Zoe: Yes, yeah there’s no other answer to that.

Lexi: There’s still such a stigma to it unfortunately. You know it can also go the other way and people want to check out the girl band because there’s Girls playing music and they can’t do that

Zoe: It’s a surprise to see that they can actually play.

Lexi:It’s so ridiculous and it still hasn’t changed after however many years. It’s a little better I guess now

Zoe: Yeah there’s more female bands coming through. Girls having the confidence to just go out and do it themselves I guess is the difference.

Lexi: It is difficult though, you get a lot of old boys who don’t like it.

Fanny: I feel like in terms of people who are in the music industry not so much. I feel like we get respected just like any male band in any one who’s performed professionally in the music industry they would never say anything.

Lexi: I think that that’s the key though anyone who’s professional.

Fanny: So when you go to a venue then you know the promoters and anyone then everything’s like completely normal. I reckon it’s people that are outside the music industry. We did play a festival last year and the promoter there was saying all sorts of weird shit that was so not cool but I think that once you go to those places that a little bit more professional I haven’t really felt any different feeling towards us there like Download or any big festivals and big venues as well.

We did a tour with Airborne last November which we awesome and all the crew there everyone was working with us and at the venue

Jen: That’s the problem like you would have to get to that level to be respected because if you are like for example we have been going for so many years but in the beginning you got that from a load of people there. It wasn’t until you started playing that they took you seriously. They took one look at you and were like let’s see what this is gonna be basically and then you prove them wrong. But I think that when you get to that level when your playing you know that’s when you start getting respected and your plain Download with bigger bands that’s when people are starting to take you seriously which is really sad because it shouldn’t be like that. You have to prove yourself a lot more.


So you talked about playing with Airborne but how is it different headlining your own tour?

Lexi: It is so different because obviously Airborne are huge and the venues we were playing were massive. It was so good, it was amazing. We had like millions of crew helping us get like load in/ load out, set up

Fanny: We’re like we can help out and they’re like you just do something else

Jen: It’s more DIY

Lexi: It’s super DIY but we’re totally about that

Fanny:That’s the difference the contrast of playing with them and playing your own shows. You get a bit of both worlds


Do you prefer playing small venues or bigger arenas?

Bit of both

Lexi: It’s so surreal playing to playing to like thousands

Jen: I think both smaller venues it can be a bit hit and miss you know whether it’s gonna be a good night or not. Whereas the bigger tours it’s always gonna be a good turn out

Lexi: There’s so much more pressure headlining

Jen: I think it depends on the night and the venue cause you can have great night’s in sort of small places or you can have a shit night in a massive


Are you enjoying the tour so far?

Loving it

Lexi: We had two days off and I hated it. They liked it, they enjoyed it

Fanny: I had a 2 hour bath

Lexi: I was texting everyone I’m bored

Jen: It’s good to kinda get away and reflect but then come back the next day


Are you planning on going over to Europe?

Fanny: We’ve got a couple of things booked on August and September.

Jen: Definitely going to France and we play Germany quite a bit so we’ll probably go there on September and more to be announced.

We wish the girls all the best for the future and for taking the time to chat with us here at Rock ‘n’ Load.


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