Søndag talk to Rock N Load about their latest release ‘Titans’

So for anyone unfamiliar with yourself, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here –

Søndag was born from the ashes of the band “Edema”, in which me (Marcello), Marco Benedetti and Riccardo Lovotti were playing some kind of extreme metal. After a short break, we decided to continue the project with another name and the intention to make something completely different, experimenting new instruments and new sound textures.

We started as a trio, but we suddenly felt the need of a singer, so we called Ric.  We developed our sound by using three bass guitars in our songs: an actual bass, a Fender VI and an 8 guitar.  We have released 1 EP, 2 albums and 3 singles so far, and in the last years we toured a lot all around Europe.

Tell us about what you are currently up to –

We are currently promoting our latest single release “Titans” which is out since one month now!  ”Titans” came up in a very tense moment for us.  In these hard times we’ve seen that the social medias became (once again) a place where everyone poured out his fears and anger lead by a huge wave of misinformation.

The concept behind our last single lies upon these very moments in time, and when we say “we are the titans of nothing”, we really mean that everyone seems to have the truth in their pockets, but reality is another thing.

You can check out“Titans” here:


What is next for you?

We are currently making new tracks in order to release new singles in the forthcoming months.  The thing that we miss the most is obviously touring and playing live all around Europe, but this whole pandemic thing is blocking all the underground live scene.. and the worst thing is that there isn’t like a deadline for this situation.

Hopefully we’ll come back and play live shows too!

What are your influences // Inspirations?

I (Marcello) choose “when girls telephone boys” by Deftones:

I remember Deftones as the guys who has introduced me to low-tunings outside of the extreme metal scene.

The first time I’ve listened to them (this album specifically) I’ve suddenly realized that I wanted to sound like Stephen Carpenter did, so I falled in love with deeper sonorities, looking to experiment some of the instruments that we currently use in Søndag (like 8 strings, or the bass VI)

This particular album was a huge game changer in my musical path, I have listened to it like.. countless times! Huge album, huge band..

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