Silent Saga take time out to chat to Rock N Load

 So for anyone unfamiliar with yourself, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here.

RENATO: We go all the way back to 2002, when we started playing in Brazil under the name of Amazon. After we relocated to Hamburg, Daniel and Carsten joined the band in 2017. They had been playing in the local scene for decades and were the perfect fit to the band’s music and style. We are now working on our second full length album under the current brand, and the 4th since we started in 2002. Back in Brazil, we had the chance to play with some of the greatest metal names in the country, like Shaman and Dr. Sin, and also as a support act for some of the world’s biggest FFM bands, like Nightwish and Epica.

What’s Happening Now? 

We are working on new songs, a new EP (the second of a total 4) is on the way and soon a full album. You can check out the first one, FIRE, containing 3 songs, on our website by clicking here. There is also cool merch with the gorgeous EP cover, so don’t miss out 🙂 Also there will be new videos on our Youtube Channel, and the songs will of course be on all major streaming platforms like Spotify.

What is next for you?

Lots of music of course.  The situation is very uncertain currently regarding playing live, but that won’t stop us from keeping making music. So stay tuned to our latest news on our facebook page and our website, and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to get a free download and stay always up to date with SIlent Saga’s releases.

What about your influences & inspiration?

We listen to a range of bands from 80s glam to symphonic and extreme metal, so it’s hard to pinpoint. I think that personally I have been very influenced by the early years of Nightwish and by Angra. Andre Matos is definitely a musician I look up to, together with Arjen Lucassen. There is this song I consider to be his masterpiece, Carolina IV. It’s a 10 minute long song that combines metal, classical music brazilian styles and harmonies, poetry, history and musicality in a way that only very few musicians ca.

Facebook/instagram/twitter: @silentsagamusic / Youtube: @silentsaga



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