Rock N Load ‘catch-up’ with Alien Feelings

So for anyone unfamiliar with yourself, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here.


We’re from a little village just outside of Wrexham in North Wales called Coedpoeth. Ryan and I (josh) met in school, he was the year below me but we hung out a lot in sixth form when we’d skip classes to go and smoke weed in a nearby wood we called, “The speck.”  I’ve known Dale for years back from when he used to host the open mic nights in the local pub when I first started playing. I met Tim through Dale. Ryan and Tim used to work in the same factory together also. So, we’ve all known each other or at least known of each other for years. We’re good friends and I think that authenticity shows in the music. The band formed when I was working on a little home demo and quickly realized I had no clue what I was doing. I had the tunes, just no real knowledge of music production.I got in touch with Dale, a friend of mine and a really talented musician with a passion for recording. The two of us recorded a demo of “Good looking.” In a single session at Dales house. From there we decided that this was no longer a Josh Evans project, but the start of something else entirely. Ryan and I had played together a couple of times before and attempted to get something going, but time after time it just never worked out. So, when he joined Alien feelings he just felt like an instant fit to the band and added that something that was missing. Tim followed shortly after having never even played an instrument before, so to say we threw him in at the deep end would be a bit of an understatement. Thankfully he wasn’t eaten by sharks, and continues to make leaps and bounds as
we carry on this journey together.
Tell us about what you are currently up to.
Our debut EP “Bondage and lipstick” came out on the 4th of September so we’re currently promoting that. We have a music video for one of the tracks “Scream” which is available to watch on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. But more than anything we’re just looking forward to getting back out there and playing live again as soon as possible. But until then, just check us out on social media, we’re always up to something.
What is next for you?
We’ve recently recorded the demo for our second EP and are already planning which songs to record for the third and fourth run of demos we’re working on. After the fourth we’d then like to turn our focus on making albums. That’s the ambition of the band and the ultimate goal. We’ve got plenty going on, now that we’re here, we’re not going away anytime soon.
Influences // Inspiration
As far as influences go, we have had to answer this part separately.
Josh: John Lennon taught me that you can be fluid as a songwriter. That you don’t have to put a cap on your artistic possibilities, and to just do whatever you want.
Ryan: Fat Mike, he taught me to just enjoy what we’re doing, no matter what others think, no matter how many are at our shows, as long as we enjoy it who gives a fuck.
Dale: Keith moon. It was his style and his energy that made me want to sit behind a kit. I just loved how he was so creative with his beats, his grooves he didn’t play by the book so to speak.
Tim: Joe Stump, I first heard of Joe Stump while playing on an online flash game back in 2004. The game itself is not important, the music that I was about to discover through some internet digging was that of Joe Stump. I hadn’t really put much thought to music before this point, but the notes and sounds he was able to create really triggered something in me, let me feel the music.
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