Death Blooms interview with vocalist Paul Barrow


So Paul, when did the band form?


We formed summer 2016, but Ad and myself had been writing and recording demos for about a year previous to that.


What’s the background of the of the band members?


Ad and Ben have previously played in Ashes. Ad and Mel played in Multi Purpose Chemical. And Ad myself played in Scouts. The recurring theme here is Ad!


Who as a band were your biggest influences musically?


Everything heavy and everything with a melody. We set out to just throw in a bit of everything in there. We all listen to every genre there is. We’re music fans!


Did it take you guys a while to find yourselves a cohesive sound?


To be honest, not really. It’s something that happened quite naturally for us. We’re well aware it doesn’t usually ever happen like that, so we don’t take it for granted


What is the Metal / Underground music scene around you like? Does it give young and up and coming bands like yourselves a chance to get the exposure needed?


I feel like it’s becoming really strong again. There’s a bunch of amazing bands around doing the right things. There’s bands like Loathe breaking out at the minute and it can only mean good things for all the other bands in the scene who deserve attention; such as Antihero, Lotus Eater, etc. Things are happening.


Through gigging etc – did you guys get sense of a buzz around the band that let you know you were onto something and heading in the right direction?


We’re just really into having fun and playing music we really want to, it’s a massive, massive bonus that everyone is saying so many positive things about what we’re doing.


How do you guys approach your song writing? Do you lay down the melodies 1st and then structure your vocals around that?


We’re always music first. Bang those riffs out, structure the song, and then the vocal melodies are usually being pieced together as all this is happening


If so, does that then shape the lyrical content / context.


Not necessarily, but usually the angrier the riff, the angrier the content.


The ep itself is aggressive, hard hitting and dark at times, pulling on personal experiences and frustrations. A theme in music coming out of 2016 – Do you feel as a young band these days its important to be socially aware and conveying that through your music to your audience?


I think people in general need to just be socially aware. It’s important. Music is a great way to connect with likeminded people and share a vision together; but as for a social perspective, it’s absolutely essential. There are a lot of things that need a good shakeup and I honestly think this is very close to happening.

When did you guys hit the studio to record the EP?


We recorded it over two sessions with Dave in Manchester early last year. He’s always an absolute pleasure to be around and work with.


How long did it take to lay down the tracks? 


We did four tracks over 5 days in the end. We didn’t rush anything and only left if when we knew we were happy.


Did you guys enjoy that studio process or find it frustrating at all?


We loved every second! We loved seeing the songs progress into what they are now.


How was your experience working with David Radahad-Jones ? 


Amazing! Dave is the man!


Production on the EP is huge! I’m assuming you feel he got the very best out of you guys? 


Absolutely. He knows what buttons to press.


How many songs did you hit the studio with?


I think we originally send Dave about…12 demos? I might be exaggerating, but it definitely felt like a lot.


Did you find the culling process hard or did the EP just lend itself to the final 4 tracks?


The tracks we chose we without doubt the right ones. It just felt right.


EP release is almost upon us, you guys must be chomping at the bit to get it out there and get some real feedback from those who matter?


Everyone matters and we’re really excited to share it with everyone!


What’s next for the Death Blooms in the months ahead?


Whatever it is, I can guarantee it is going to be interesting.


Read our review of the Death Bloom’s self-titled EP here. 5 Stars !!!!!


It’s a huge sounding EP from one of the hottest bands around, As Paul says, the future is indeed bright for British Metal!

All the best guys with the release and the year ahead!!!


Band Members
Ad Lucas
Ben Grimsley
Mel Stewart
Paul Barrow



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